Thursday, 20 August 2009

A long time coming - his memory deserves that much

To gain attention to something that sorely needs rectifying.

Alan Turing should be recognised as one of the greatest of Britons of all time. The father of computing. His work during world war 2 alone should have made him a hero. But even that pales comapred to the huge achievement and benefit that computers have brought to the world. These are actually only 2 of many achievements

He was a truly brilliant man who did wonders for the country and the world

And we will always wonder what other great things he could have done if he had lived longer. He died when he was 42 - such a waste for such a brilliant life to be shortened so horribly.

He died because he was gay. He was convicted in a time when being homosexual was illegal. He was stripped of the security clearance he used to help us so impressively. He was chemically castrated. In the aftermath, he killed himself. He was killed.

He deserved better than that. He was owed more than that. We can't right the wrongs of the past - but we can honour his memory, acknowledge the wrong and make sure neither he - nor the perseuction he suffered - will be forgotten