Friday, 30 October 2009

An end to the gay blood donor ban? Don't hold your breath

I had a hope that the NHS blood donation service would come into the 21st century. I hoped that this most powerful of health authorities in the UK would stop telling the country that gay people are inherently diseased and I hoped that they would help an increasingly more IGNORANT population realise that AIDS can afflict anyone - regardless of sexuality, that it wasn’t just a gay disease

I hoped the NHS would show some sense. I hoped they cast aside a pointless piece of homophobia. I hoped they’d let us help them refill their dwindling blood stocks when it is so desperately needed.

Sadly, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

Instead the plan that’s currently on the cards is, rather than a LIFETIME ban on men who have ever had oral sex or anal sex even with a condom, there will only be a ban of 5 years.

So if you’re a celibate gay man then you can give blood. Hey, kinda reminds me of the Catholic Church! It’s ok to be gay - so long as you’re lonely, celibate, sexless martyr who does everything in their power to be as straight as possible.

But hey, all you repressed basket cares, you can give blood,. Because that’s the HEALTHY way to be gay. That makes your blood less toxic to the noble het blood stream. That way you may have cleansed your blood of most of the nasty gay cooties.

So, yeah - let’s review:
Heterosexual man who has unprotected sex with a different woman every night: CAN GIVE BLOOD NOW
Heterosexual man who has unprotected sex with a woman he KNOWS has HIV: CAN GIVE BLOOD so long as he doesn’t think he has the disease
Heterosexual man who has unprotected sex with several prostitutes: CAN GIVE BLOOD AFTER 1 YEAR
Those who have had unprotected sex with an intravenous drug user: CAN GIVE BLOOD AFTER ONE YEAR
Those who have had unprotected sex abroad in a high risk HIV country: CAN GIVE BLOOD AFTER ONE YEAR

A gay man who has oral sex with a condom?: CAN GIVE BLOOD AFTER 5 YEARS. MAYBE. But we‘re not sure yet. This is like, revolutionary risky thinking, y‘know

Yeah, this is my not impressed face. -_- See? It’s not even remotely impressed.