Wednesday, 16 December 2009

BBC.... what is this shit?

The BBC has a nice Have Your Say section where they can pose a question for reasoned and considered debate. Currently they have several running - the BA strike, airbrushing in adverts, when self-defence goes to far, should homosexuals face execution.



"Should homosexuals face execution?"

Why is this even a matter for debate? Why is it even considered an acceptable question to ask? Regardless of world politics, is this EVER a question that should be presented as something to be considered, reasoned, balanced? Is this ever a question where, by golly, we want to hear your opinion - kill the homos or not?

No matter what was happening in the world, there is no bloody way the BBC would have the question "Should black people face execution?"

No matter what laws were proposed in any country, the BBC wouldn't even consider asking "Should Jews face execution?"

Even at its most bigoted, the BBC would never ask readers to send in their opinions on whether we should kill muslims. They'd never ask us to send opinions on persecuting to death Asian people.

This is beyond outrageous. This is giving a level of legitimacy to the most toxic form of hate. This is presenting arguing whether we have the right to exist as a reasoned question - as a question for debate!

I have a right to LIVE damn it! I have a right NOT to be killed. We do not deserve being imprisoned and executed for daring to love, for existing! This is NOT a legitimate position. This is NOT a position for reasoned argument. This is WRONG and can you PLEASE stop sending the bloody message that our lives are worth shit, already!?

The complain form is here https://www.bbc.co.uk/complaints/forms/ please use it. Because this is beyond unacceptable