Thursday, 21 January 2010

And in the “Oh you did not?!” files

Both [personal profile] mjules and [personal profile] dharma_slut pointed out this particular fail of epic proportions and I’ve also seen it floating around. At the time I put it on the back burner because of the random stuff of stuffness to deal with that would have been better handled without seething anger. And, really, after Lambda (with cries of segregation, pink triangles, and closeted straight people) I thought I had seen privilege at record breaking ickiness.

But, having some mental space, and needing some righteous anger to clear away some vague depression I opened the link and read in detail. No, the people who sent me the link were not mistaken. It really is as bad as they said.

It seems that author, S. J. Pennington (ohhh, lookie there, an initialled name to hide gender. And they have scrupulously avoided any use of any kind of gendered pronoun. I dearly dearly hope this person is genderqueer and doesn‘t identify as either gender because the language they have used on their website is grossly appropriative if not and even a little dubious if they are) has decided that they know how to be gay better than... Adam Lambert. An actual gay man.

Now, best case scenario - SJ is a gay man and is engaging in some very unpleasant policing of his fellows That I don’t approve of and think we should all be very careful before trying to force our fellows to conform to tight standards to be ‘acceptable’ to heteronormative culture.

The middle ground would be that SJ is a member of the GBLT community but not a gay man - still extra fail for telling a gay man how to be a gay man and deciding they are the one to tell a “gay man’s story” but not as bad as the worst since saying what is damaging to the GBLT community is within their remit.

The worst case scenario? SJ is a straight person - who thinks they can give us a “love story for all gay
men” and “get our story out into the public awareness…” Who has written this book because “Gay men don't get their stories told often enough.” and is telling a gay man he’s doing it wrong AND deciding what is best for the GBLT community. I hope this isn't the case, because, yeah, that would be privilege on such an epic scale.

(Can I also add how much I don’t like the term “sexual preference?” It’s such a vague term, implying slight inclination. “I have a preference for beef, but am happy to eat pork.” “Do you want this car?” “No I’d prefer that one.” It implies choice, it implies something vague and unimportant, it implies something you can pass over or work through, it implies an ideal but not a requirement. It bothers me it does.