Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Pope Benedict - please feel free to stay away.

Yes, he has opened his mouth again and - surprise! - homophobia spilled out. Seriously Benedict, change the record once in a while.

The pope has looked upon Britain’s Equality Act and he likes it not

Because, of course, it lets us live. It stops people firing us for being GBLT (been there, didn’t like it), it stops people refusing goods and services to GBLT people. It stops them denying us housing or jobs or places in schools or any of the squillion little things that privileged people take for granted but for GBLT people relied on the whims of an often homophobic society. In short, it let’s us exist in society without bigots trying to ruin our says.

This act - and its previous foundation - is a lifeline to us. Of course, the Catholic Church hate it - can’t have GBLT people being treated as decent citizens can you?

You’d think for 5 minutes he could stop attacking us. It’s unrelenting with this man. but then, what do i expect from a church where a dioscese is now lecturing new STRAIGHT couples for longer before it marries them because of the dreaded threat of homosexual marriage!. It really is a disturbing obsession

The Pope is due to arrive in the UK in 2010. Really, if he doesn’t like our laws, he’s welcome to stay away. Personally, I’d rather not have the bigot polluting our soil.