Monday, 26 April 2010

We apologised to the freaking POPE?!

Now some fool in the foreign office who probably needs someone to send him a big stack of dictionaries with the word “diplomacy” marked pretty heavily (actually, may not be a bad idea for the foreign office in general) has written a memo that offended the Pope ahead of his visit.

The memo suggested that while he was here we would commemorate it with Benedict condoms, have him open an abortion clinic and bless a gay marriage. Yes, very tasteless (*snerk* I laughed. But the Foreign Office isn’t there to provide me with comedy, I guess)

I have 2 criticisms of the Foreign Office actions, neither of which have anything to do with offending the old monster or his hateful organisation:

1) Well done, this is just what he needed to distract from the child abuse scandal. He now gets to play the outraged card (amazing that he’s outraged about a freaking MEMO but not about the abuse of children around the world. Shows the Vatican’s moral priorities, doesn’t it?)

2) You’re MOCKING him for these things? The Pope – and the Catholic Church’s – stance on these issues isn’t funny. Really. The condom policy of the Catholic church is responsible for nothing short of genocide in Africa and other AIDS ravaged nations. The Catholic stance on a woman’s right to choose causes untold numbers of women to die in dangerous back alley abortions to say nothing of their misogyny risking young girl’s lives. Catholic homophobia is both toxsic and devastatingly destructive world wide.

These great evils of the church are not to be mocked. They’re not funny. They’re not amusing. They callous, heartless, toxic and cruel acts of evil that the church perpetuates worldwide. He shouldn’t be mocked for them, he should be condemned.

And y’know how you made it worse? The grovelling apology. Gah, when will people wake up and finally call out organised religion on their evil? We constantly perpetuate the idea that these organisations are good, are moral, are constructive forces despite the vileness they encourage, despite the people they kill, despite the suffering they cause.

ENOUGH. It is long past enough. Enough giving the churches their free passes as they espouse bigotry and cruelty. Enough as they discard children and push policies that kill millions. Enough turning a blind eye, pretending it doesn’t exist, pretending it’s ok – ENOUGH APOLOGISING to them and for them.

The Pope announced that he may cancel his £20,000,000 visit to the UK in response to this outrage.

Well, for this segment of the British people, your ‘Holiness,’ I would like to announce a hearty Get The Fuck Out. You will be a blight on these shores, a pollution on our land.

And next time, Foreign Office, don’t produce a mocking memo. Produce a report condemning the Vatican’s evils and abuses – like you would any other rogue state.