Tuesday, 29 June 2010

And, of course, the violence…

In Iran, the persecution and, let’s be frank, genocide against GBLT peopel continues. A bisexual man in prison has been tortured and died of his injuries. At the same time, another bissexual man has been sentenced to 74 lashes – and still faces the death penalty. I despair to read of these cases, where our existence is punishable by death.

In Ghana a march of 3,000 people protested against GBLTs, encouraged by the muslim community, spreading gross disinformation and slurs – and calling for homosexuality to be criminalised (male homosexuality is actually criminalised in Ghana).

In Syria there is a crackdown going on against gay men – with gay parties and cruising areas being hit and the most recent swoop alone arrested 25 men. Again, our existence is illegal in Syria and carries a prison term. Even if these men are released without charge, they will be labelled and known and at the mercy of those around them.

In Mongolia, LGBTs face attack, violence, rape and death by an ultrantionalist group that enjoys the tolerance of the powers that be. Orgs to help them are seriously under-resourced and in danger, particularly at protecting the trans women who suffer the brunt of the attacks.

The GOP in Texas has clearly looked at events like this and wants a piece of the action – they want to bring back sodomy laws and they want to imprison straight people who help gays get married. There’s… really nothing to say to that, just despair.

In Slovenia, a gay friendly cafe has been firebombed and covered in anti-gay graffiti> This wasn’t even the first time this cafe has been attacked – or even the first time homophobes tried to burn it down

In St. Petersburg, Russia gay and lesbian activists were arrested for protesting and trying to hold a pride parade. Pride Parades in Russia are very hard to hold legally since the authorities continually refuse permits. St. Petersburg turned down the pride parade in 5 different locations before this went ahead.

In London, Lesbian trainee police officer Laura Goldie committed suicide and refers to the homophobia of her colleagues in her suicide note

In Houston a gay, trans man was beaten, held at knife point and robbed in a bathroom

In West Virginia a gay man has been beaten by police who used gay slurs. And people wonder why we don’t trust the police.

In Londonderry, Northern Ireland, 2 gay men were attacked and beaten by a gang of 3.