Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The Budget.

Well… damn.

Ok I knew it was going to bad. We have the Tories in power and the Lib Dems rubber stamping – but damn Lib Dems, is this the best you can do? I curse my vote for you more and more with every passing day. Never again.

Is there a single welfare benefit that hasn’t been hit? Disabled people having to endure further battles and doubting to prove their disability more than they do now (people being disabled is unacceptable to George Osbourne). Freezes on child benefit, cut in tax credits, cutting housing benefit, pregnany mothers? cut, single mothers? Cut. Older workers trying to get back into work? Cut. Reducing inflation adjustments for all benefits – from pensions to income support. Making it harder to get your benefits backdated when they system has failed to catch you.

A 2.5% raise in VAT. I do not believe this.

The MOST regressive tax in the country, a sales tax that will hit the poor harder than any other possible tax rise and won’t even make the rich blink. A tax that the Lib Dems were VEHEMENTLY against during their campaign

We have a token cut on lower rate of income tax that will be well and truly overwhelmed by the rises and cuts in services, since it‘s only a fraction of what has been expected. In the meantime the higher rate of tax AND the civil list have been frozen.

Corporation tax has been cut – because damn if those businesses don’t just have things sooooo hard. Only having one yatch is such a trial.

Public sector pay rises have been frozen, again. So low paid civil servants are going to be screwed, more so when any income supporting benefits are cut and the VAT rise that is going to make everything a hell of a lot more expensive. Oh and their pensions are going to get royally screwed over

Council tax will be frozen (more pork for the rich) and Councils encouraged to freeze their spending. More services cut. Don’t be poor or homeless or in need under this Tory government, because there’s no help for you.

Royal Mail, the Student Loan book and Air traffic control, all being sold off into private hands. Ye gods, you couldn’t make it up.

No more capital spending unless it brings money in. So n spending on things people need, on services people need, on anything that benefits people. Of course rich people don’t need those kind of things do they?

Harriet Harman summed up the budget well – the worst hit area by the cuts? Merseyside. The area least hit by them? Chelsea. Says all you need to know about the Tories – and their poodles the Lib Dems and their cruel, selfish, screw-the-poor budget.