Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Discrimination, hate and prejudice

In the US Rep Ike Skelton is one of those who has allowed his homophobia to overcome all reason and human decency, it’s sad that he wields such power. He wishes to fight to keep DADT – and ruin the lives of so many soldiers – because it may mean ZOMG TALKING TO KIDS ABOUT GAY PEOPLE EXISTING! And how are kids supposed to deal with the fact their country is defended by gay people?

Not only is this some truly boggling hatred, it’s frightening when you extrapolate this. Kids – and he mentions 7 year olds – most be protected from even seeing or hearing about GBLTs lest they ask their parents awkward questions. The complete black out and closeting of us this would require is boggling and frightening.

In Alabama a pair of homophobic DJs responded to Obama’s pride declaration with… well expected class and decorum. You see there we don’t have adulterers or fornicators month do we? Because that’s totally equivalent./ Oh and we can’t biblically justify our “lifestyle.”

Well I don’t really give a damn about the Bible, nor do I live any kind of lifestyle and I sure as hell don’t need to justify who and what I am.

In Wisconsin, tragically a court has denied parenthood to a woman who raised 2 children in a same-sex relationship for years. By every remotely sensible definition of parenthood this woman is mother to those children, she has been mother to them for 7 years, she has been their primary caregiver, a stay-at-home mum for 7 years – but she is not a parent and cannot be a parent.

A church in Tennessee throws us some Christian love. See it is direly sinful to play softball if your coach is a lesbian. Upon finding out her sexuality (by directly asking and forcing her to tell the truth or lie) they fired her and threw in some hate speech to boot.

Remember, thou shalt not play sports with lesbians. Special edition of the Bible for bigots methinks.

In Las Vegas a gay temp worker was humiliated and ostracised by his manager and co-workers after the manager demanded to know whether he was gay or not.

In Dundonald, Belfast, a lesbian teacher has accepted a settlement from the school she worked in. She was subjected to a campaign of harassment from her superiors that eventually lead to constructive dismissal. In addition, her civil partnership was ignored in the school newsletter “in the name of decency” while colleagues straight weddings were celebrated. And these people are teaching children.

Mike Huckabee thinks gays are icky. I think he’s an arsehole. But then I expect no better from him.

In France, following the McDonald’s advert we have another gay friendly ad from orangina. Except this one was banned. I have looked it over several times and I don’t see why it would be – and don’t tell me an ad this damn tame would have been banned if the person stroking the freshly shaved chin was female not male. Especially in France where the adverts can be explicit enough to cause that entire Tennessee church to have the vapours.

In a further display of Christian love, a woman is suing her church. See, this church had the temerity to decide that gay people were people too – worthy of respect and decency with their love to be honoured like any other love. Of course that was unacceptable to these good people – and half of the church left over night in disgust that gay people wer ebeing respected. But Yvonne Moore is taking it an extra step in order to punish this church for daring to put aside homophobic hate.

In China gays and lesbians are faced with an almost insurmountable pressure to get married – to the opposite sex. Gays and lesbians make the most of the few years they have before they’re expected to settle down into a heterosexual marriage – pressured by culture and especially by family.

Oh, and close to home, Stonewall has found that gay lawyers don’t believe we can be judges. Well yeah – there’s what, one gay judge on the court of appeal? And let’s not forget that it wasn’t that long ago that judges had to be MARRIED – a rule that was brought in expressly to keep us nasty gays out of the judiciary. When talking about my career with my university professors and at law school I spoke about the judiciary – and I was told that it wouldn’t happen because I was openly gay.