Friday, 25 June 2010

In Iraq persecution of GBLTs continues in a terrifying manner.

Iraqi police and the Iraqi government seem involved in continued persecution of GBLT people – including abduction, torture and murder.

Police officers have raided and Iraqi GBLT safehouse (and it says all you need to know really that there is a need for such safehouses) and took the 6 people who were inside. One of the people inside turned up at a hospital – with a throat wound. He had been tortured. The safehouse was burned down – computers in the safe house have been confiscated. They have had to evacuate other safe houses.

5 more are missing. There’s not a lot of optimism of them returning safely. Religious leaders in Iraq have called for the death of LGBT people – and they command militias more than willing to carry out those

738 LGBTs have disappeared and being murdered – often tortured to death – in Iraq. And those are just the ones that are known.

The occupation forces – and the nations behind them, largely maintain their indifference. Whatever laughable “freedom” they have brought to Iraq, it means little for LGBT people and it is clear that these forces of democracy and liberation are content to look the other way while GBLT bodies pile high.