Wednesday, 30 June 2010

In which I continue to despair of Humanity

So, in the last bad news round up, we had the Texas GOP honing their homophobia to a razor sharpness by speaking in favour of those sodomy laws and punishing pro-gay straight people with prison sentences.

Well, the Montana GOP has looked over at their Texas counterparts and said “gosh darnit, y’all can’t be hatin’ more than us!” and decided to follow in ther footsteps of virulent homophobia and topping it off with no small amount of pure ridiculous foolishness. See they also want to “keep homosexual acts illegal” yup, more sodomy law loving. (I’m a little bewildered by the “keep” since Lawrence V Texas already legalised “homosexual acts” across the remaining bigoted states in 2003 – 2003 people, what’s wrong with this picture?!).

2 state GOPs adopting completely fringe homophobic arseholery – this is becoming a disturbing trend. Though it is faintly amusing watching the Log Cabin Republicans twist and wring their hands and try to talk round it (guys, if you’re into masochism, remember “safe, sane, consensual,” yes? This isn’t sane and it isn’t safe.)

And let’s finish off with a look at Dallas journalist Steve Blow, who is today collecting a prize for “most offensive thing said in the fewest words.” Yes, I am in awe that someone can pack so much revolting wrongness into such a short setence. But here it is, referring to a priest who has been sexually assaulting young women:

“it’s almost refreshing to read about a priest accused of good, old-fashioned heterosexual perviness.

The dreadful stuff between priests and boys has been going on for so long that I almost forgot that some priests have more mainstream sexual hangups.”

Let us count the ways!

Sexual molestation of women is refreshing and good. It’s also old-fashioned which suggests some level of ol’ “traditional values” here as well. Also, it avoids the “dreadful” label applied to the paedophilia. Because, you know the sexual assault of women is totally fine and fun and good.

Despite most child abusers being heterosexuals, it’s clearly NOT heterosexual naughtiness here, oh no. And to be sure, it’s not “priest and children” iot’s “priests and boys” just in case you were in doubt about the naughty gayness.

Naughty gayness and/or paedophilia are not old-fashioned, so are apparently new fangled things

Oh and sexual assault of women is a “hang up”. Yeaaaaaaaaaaah. No. Really. No.

And now we come to Dr. – no, I refuse to accord her that title, instead she will be BF – Bloody Fool. So we come to BF. Maria New of Mount Sinai School of Medicine in Florida. She is using hormone treatment on pregnant women to ensure that their unborn daughters are born… straight.

Yep, she is messing witht he hormone levels of pregnant women to prevent the dreaded scourage of LESBIANISM! (Insert maniacle laugh please). Oh, and she also wants her treatment to “cure” girls of: “‘abnormal’ disinterest in babies, playing with girls’ toys, becoming mothers, and whose ‘career preferences’ are deemed too ‘masculine.’” It may also cause girls to be born unable to wear shoes and shackled to a cooker.

So, ladies, it would appear that unless barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, married to a MAN is the future for you then you are considered by BF. New thinks you have a birth defect.

Humanity, you make me despair.