Sunday, 6 June 2010

LGBT Labour walk into a pub…

…and the landlord says “I would have refused your booking if I knew you were an LGBT group.”

That is what LGBT Labour says the manager of the Greencoat Boy in London said to them. And it is further said that he refused them service and evicted them from the pub (though I have to say I’d be unwilling to go into the pub after that and certainly unwilling to put my money into their pockets).

There are some wonderful sites, emails and phone calls we can make to make it very very clear that this is not acceptable

The incident has been reported to the police.

Does it need to be said how wrong this is? Does it need to be said that businesses refusing service to GBLTs is grossly wrong? Does it need to be said that laws that protect GBLTs from denial of goods and services are essential things? Does it need to be said that I or any GBLT person should be able to go into any business in this country and expect service and not be harrassed for doing so? Does it need to be said that we shouldn’t have to closet ourselves if we want to basically exist in society? (And don’t mince words – access to good and services are very much about existence in society).

Discrimination is wrong. Harrassing people for being GBLT is wrong. We shouldn’t have to say more than that – because there is no more to say. Already the defenders are crawling out of the woodwork – and we need to respond not only to the homophobes but their defenders and enablers who say this is ok. It’s wrong, it’s indefensible and it’s unacceptable