Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The media is debating whether we’re as good as straight people again

The Sun has commissioned a YouGov poll to ask a vital question we all simply must know:

“Should gay people be cabinet ministers”

Somewhat ironic since I just submitted a post to Womanist Musings about homophobic debates and questions that various organisations and the media are so fond of.

This is not an acceptable question. Frankly, it’s grossly offensive. I can only imagine the fury if the poll asked “should Christians be cabinet ministers?” or Jews or Muslims. Discrimination is not an option, treating us as less or unfit simply because of our sexauality is offensive, it is bigoted and it is not reasonable discourse.

And even a vile rag like the Sun should know this and NOT be presenting discrimination against gay people as a reasonable, sensible option.

As the Guardian points out, there is some backlash on Twitter (and what a surprise, the Daily Mail is getting some homophobia in as well – what do we expect from the newspaper of Jan Moir) but we’ve already seen how effective the PCC is at combating homophobia. It’s also heartening to see that the vast majority of the respondents to the poll have replied saying it doesn’t matter if cabinet ministers are gay.

Enough already. Enough of all these polls and enquiries asking whether we’re as good as straight people. This is not a matter for debate and the media has to STOP pushing the idea that it is.