Friday, 2 July 2010

Away for a couple of days

I’m preparing for and heading to Pride for the next few days so I may be a little non-contact. I also want to make some links with some more national orgs and make some connections, busy busy busy.

Not least of which involves the necessary time picking out what to wear.

Sparky: Damn it, I’ve gained weight!

Beloved: No you haven’t… don’t you even think about dieting

Sparky: Then my favourite pride trousers have shrunk

Beloved: *looks* uh, no they haven’t. They were always that tight.

Sparky: I can hardly move in them

Beloved: Yeah I always wondered how you managed to move in them things.

Sparky: I’m going to have an imprint of my underwear for weeks.

Beloved: I think that’s why you never wore any.

Sparky: Gah, maybe I’m getting too old for this.

Beloved: So, should I go for the body paint or the body glitter?

Sparky: Suncream – high spf. Pocket Aryans go shirtless at their own peril

Beloved: Suncream… you are getting too old for this.

Sparky: Pfft, I will bring suncream to Pride. And then I will be the helpful, forward thinking, caring one going around all the hot half nekked dancing guys offering to rub some cream in.

Isn’t forward planning valuable?