Thursday, 22 July 2010

*grumble* Beloved can be trusted to shop for nothing!

I have, irritatingly, chronically dry skin. As in, cracks and peels and flakes off leaving painful red-raw patches dry skin . It’s bad enough than I have been frequently dragged to the doctor to check for eczema and actually getting quadruple strength moisturiser on prescription

It’s particularly bad around my hairline (and eyebrows, behind my ears, edges of the nose and on my jawline for that matter) which has lead to many a merry changing of soaps, shampoos etc (which exacerbate the whole thing every time they‘re used). Because believing the doctor when he says “it’s dry skin” is just too simple.

So Beloved has heard from a friend who probably heard it from a friend who likely heard it from a random hallucination – or possibly a representative of an oil company that this… stuff is great shampoo for my dry skin.

I was dubious. I was right to be dubious.

My hair now smells like tar. Thick, oily tar. I cannot get rid of the smell. The smell will not go away. It’s a bad smell. A very bad smell. And it is in my hair.

I think I washed my hair in crude oil. And it’s all Beloved’s fault.

Worse? He’s bought a freaking huge bottle of the Toxic Oily Stink and has asked “you’re not going to waste the rest are you?”

No, I’m, going to run my CAR on it. I’m going to get a paraffin heater and we will use it as fuel.

So now I still have dry, flaky skin. AND I smell of tar.