Sunday, 18 July 2010

Hate speech, politics and badness

The bigoted governor of Hawaii, the vile excuse for a human being that is Linda Lingle, has decided to veto Hawaii’s civil union law. Even separate, not equal half measures are too much for her. Words cannot express my loathing and contempt for bigots like this woman. But she has gone on to compound her bigotry by deciding to compare gay civil unions to – incest. This woman is beneath contempt and her bigotry inexcusable.

She is joined in hate speech by New Hampshire GOP congressional candidate Bob Giuda. He believes that gay marriage is akin to bestiality. Men and sheep, women and dogs apparently. Why are such vile, bigoted scum given any platform, let alone have any kind of chance to get into office? What truly hateful person would vote for these excuses for humanity?

And yet more – Georgia GOP Gubernatorial candidate Karen Hendal hates gays and our families and certainly wants us away from children. Why? BECAUSE, that’s why!

New Jersey GOP Rep Chris Smith isn’t happy with keeping his bigotry local, oh know. This man is working to block the UN from recognising The International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission (which has been battling for years against a homophobic UN for recognition and the importance of its work) More hateful bigots working tooth and nail to kill and maim us for the sake of their religion.

The Pentagon is showing more of its dedication to removing (or not) DADT – with a new survey for soldiers about those SCARY GAYS! The survey is a trainwreck. It’s really horrible, I cannot imagine how anyone could have produced this survey and not realised how utterly wrong it is

In response to the wonderful Supreme Court asylum decision in the UK, we have had the usual homophobic suspects opening their mouths and letting the vileness fall out. Queen of homophobic bigots, retired Tory MP Ann Widdecombe chief among them of course. She can always be relied upon for her hateful venom As for the Press? I have no words, I really don’t.

Prison staff in Dartmoor prison are causing concern by being overtly homophobic. GBLT prisoners are among the most vulnerable – and make up a disproportionate amount of the prison system as well. Being victimised in prison is common for GBLTs – further victimisation from the staff is further hell to them

Tories have investigated a homophobic Tory Councillor using slurs against gay people and decided that it wasn’t homophobic. Why am I not surprised? Tories, same old same old. And LGBTory will continue to play excuser and enabler for them. Betrayers the lot of them and shame on them all.

In Canada a landlord is fighting a legal battle against the Human Rights Commission because he doesn’t want to rent to gays I have not the words. He made this couple homeless simply because they were gay.

A pro-family Christian group has leaped merrily into the realm of hateful ridiculousness by not only comparing gay marriage to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill – but also saying that gay marriage is WORSE damn, and I thought the pope was ahead on comparing us to major disasters

South African homophobe Jerry Matjila objects to the protection of gay rights – because acknowledging we’re oppressed somehow makes other oppressions less real or important. But I expect little better from the UN Human Rights Council.

These words cost. They cost lives, they cost rights and they cost me no small number of grey hairs. But it’s best to listen to what they say – so we know what we face