Tuesday, 6 July 2010

I is BACK!

I have returned from London Pride. Actually got back late last night.. then went out with a bunch of friends who also went down to Pride (instead of sleeping. Which I kinda needed to do).

It was awesome. Everything was awesome. Friday through Monday has been one long solid awesome. I didn’t fight with anyone (no, really. I even left the Tories and the protestors alone – not that I caught more than a glimpse of the latter) I partied hard and enjoyed every damn SECOND of it.

This was like the weekend of pure gay awesomeness with extra awesome sprinklesd and more awesome pured on top with a side order of extra awesome. Only with more awesome. Damn it has been faaaar too long

I am now dead. this is dead Sparky. Sparky is getting too old for this. I am literally fighting to think and can’t keep my eyes open. I need some serious recharge