Friday, 2 July 2010

Some Marriage news

Iceland has full gay marriage – marriage that passed unanimously – That’s they way it should be done.

And The Prime Minister of Iceland has married her partner.

This joins Portugal that also legalised same sex-marriage in June. Another celebration, it is deeply heartening to se. It doesn’t allow us to adopt – but it’s another step forward.

Ireland has passed civil partnership. It’s not perfect, certainly not equal or time to stop – but it is definitely something to celebrate, especially in such a deeply Catholic country. It joins a growing list of countries that are recognising at least our partial equality

And in New York, we have some of the semi-marriage rights and expectations. Businesses are now required to provide bereavement benefits to surviving same-sex partners. It’s kind of sad that has to be even pushed.

On the bad side

Despite being much much much better than her predecessor, Julia Gillard, the new PM of Australia, does not believe in gay equality – and is against gays being able to marry

In the UK we are seeing many more gay men entering into marriage – the forced kind. With a woman. Fearing their sons are gay, they are being forced into heterosexual marriages (oh how much purer het marriages are than our own, right?) and gods alone know how much unhappiness.

In Wisconsin, the state supreme court has ruled 7-0 to uphold the gay marriage ban. Not one dissenting vote against bigotry.

And In New Hampshire the GOP candidate is keeping up with his fellow homophobes – and comparing gay marriage to bestiality