Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Speech: the hateful, foolish, ignorant and homophobic kind.

NOM, the National Organisation for Marriage that is totally NOT HATEFUL you guys (remember, don’t call them bigots, it upsets them. Poor lickle bigots) has finally found a way to stop us nasty gays destroying precious straight marriages. Lynching.

Yes, lynching.

But they’re totally not bigots, ‘kay? Shouldn’t come as a surprise though

And do you know what Argentina’s gay marriage law has done?! It’s KILLED THE PENGUINS! See, gay marriage in Argentina causes the death of penguins in Brazil. Isn’t it OBVIOUS? It’s because we’re spreading homosexuality and… uh, what? *re-reads* really? Paganism apparently.

And in San Diego, allowing a gay event leads to SWARMS OF BEEEEEEEEEEEES! But no paganism, alas. If you want paganism (and dead sea birds) California, you need to get that gay marriage sorted.

President Mugabe, after a series of disgustingly bigoted remarks comparing gays to dogs and pigs has apologised. To the dogs and pigs. And no, I’m not making that up. I didn’t believe it either. Needless to say gay rights are not going to be included in Zimbabwe’s constitution

Gay Florida congressional candidate has signs up advertising his candidacy. Guess what word homophobic vandals have sprayed across them?

Bill Donahue has compared homosexuality and paedophilia, again. Bill, seriously, get some new material already. It’s getting old.

The Lighthouse Church in Michigan is outing, publicly shaming, shunning and excommunicating a gay man who was one of their congregants. Feel that Christian love. Do we even have to say how many ways this is utterly wrong?

And the Dove World Outreach Centre – a church in Floriday is deciding to protest their new mayor. Because he’s gay. And you can’t possibly have a gay mayor! Oh no! And they seem to have gone through the dictionary and underlined every negative adjective to describe those nasty gay people. So, remember a dove is the symbol of.. uh… bigotry it seems.

Kai Hahner a German Politician from the CDU has had a right old homophobic rant at the organisers of Leipzig’s Christopher Street festival (an event similar to Pride it seems). Apparently they’re leading children from the ‘right path’. Again with the corruption of children – always the same old slurs, always the same hatred, always the same demand to hide and die and disappear.

And then we have The View, which doesn’t exactly have a good track record. The View had Elizabeth Hasselbank explaining to us why more women are coming out as esbians later in life. It’s because they can’t find a MAN of course! Don’t you see? All the men are after young women so when a woman becomes too old for the menfolk, she becomes a lesbian! SIMPLES!

Yeah, at this point the View just really needs to stay the hell away from GBLT issues. Or at least someone nearby with a big stick to advise them. A very big stick.

And all this keeps on coming. Time and again, over and over and over. And it has a cost. You cannot divorce all this hideous, ignorant, foolish and ridiculous speech from the damage it does. You cannot have this echoing from every corner then turn round and say it isn’t connected to the discrimination or the hate crimes, the violence and the loss and the pain.

This speech has cost. And it’s a cost we have to pay. The constant chorus of haters dehumanise us, reduce us, belittle us. They encourage all the hatred against us. They cheerlead for the attacks – and they work to justify every wrong that is committed against us.

It cannot be said enough – these people’s hatred and ignorant foolishness hurts us – literally works to try and destroy us. It cannot be dismissed, it cannot be ignored.