Friday, 20 August 2010

Awww, he shouldn’t have. No, he really shouldn’t

Beloved got me a present to make me feel better with being all beat up and nasty – and to encourage me to lay down and relax instead of moving around (it didn’t work).

The rest of the books from a series I’d partially read. Ok, I didn’t especially love the first 3 books of the Sword of Truth series. They had some themes and subjects I wasn’t a big fan of, the infodumping is almost comical and they kept trying to make Richard/Zedd seem wise and insightful by basically making everyone ELSE have the same level of common sense and intelligence as a concussed chicken; but they had a certain cheesey charm (and vaguely amusing if you’ve read Robert Jordan and see the… similarities). So he got me the rest of the series to curl up with.



What the hell did I just read? I’m going to sue him for the hours of my life spent reading this AND to pay for the labotomy to try and cleanse the memories. AND to pay to repair the dents in my wall caused by repeatedly throwing these books across the room. Ye gods above, was Terry Goodkind kidnapped by a VERY bad propaganda ministry? And characterisation? Bah, this is beyond awful