Sunday, 15 August 2010

A bad news round up of Violence

Unfortunately the violence is still very much present. Always depressing to read, but also important to remember.

In Sudan 19 men have been publically lashed for holding a wedding party (I say men, the people in question were dressed in women’s clothes – I do not know how they identified) after a sham of an event I won’t even dignify with the word “trial” it would have to try pretty damn hard to even be a kangaroo courts

In Zimbabwe either 15 or 20 high school students have been arrested – for “lesbian activities” And to make it even more disturbing, the round up seems little more than a witch hunt

Ebrahim Hamidi, an 18 year old man in Iran is facing execution for a very dubious charge of “sexually assaulting” another man. His lawyer has gone into hiding. Such laws are beyond barbarism.

Italy is having what is described as a “summer of homophobia” gay couples kissing in public have been frequently attacked both verbally and physically. People are being attacked, shunned, driven out and even fined (illegally) for kissing.

In Sydney there was a gay bashing spree – that injured 6 people and shattering one man’s eye socket. According to the victim the attacker has a history of homophobia

In Washington DC there have been a rash of anti-gay attacks – so far police have linked 4 attacks on men together

Also in DC, a gay man has been found murdered in his flat, stabbed to death it’s unknown if it’s a hate crime but police are comparing it to the spate of anti-gay attacks in DC to see if there’s a link

In New York, a man beat his girlfriend’s child to death – to make him “act like a boy rather than a little girl.” A 17 month old boy, ye gods I have not the words, I really don’t. Oh and he adds “”A one-time mistake, and I am going to do 20 years,”“ Beating a child to death because he’s not manly enough to your standards is not a damn MISTAKE

In Michigan a gay man was stabbed repeatedly – and then someone on Craiglist referenced the attack using anti-gay slurs. What, they’re advertising their hate on craiglist now?!

In Newark, New Jersey - CEO, Defarra Gaymon was shot and killed at a gay cruising spot by police the officer has since been named. As if the constant police prowling against the desperate fear of gay “cruising” weren’t homophobicly excessive enough!

In Dallas, off duty police officers have been accused of choking a gay man after a Lady Gaga Concert

In Melbourne, Australia, a gay staff member at a sauna was attacked by 3 men with baseball bats who used anti-gay slurs.

In Leeds a gay barman, Dane Holdsworth was knocked unconscious when attacked by 2 men who noticed his rainbow wristband

In Merseyside, a gay man has been treated for a broken jaw after being attacked by 7 men

A gay man outside of a nightclub in Albuquerque has been severely beaten, breaking several bones. Again, it is a gang that attacked

In Belgrade, a man has attacked 2 German tourists with a knife – “because they looked gay.”

In Jerusalem, after the Pride Parade, 2 gay men were attacked by teenagers calling on death for gays

In Chicago 2 men have been charged for attacking a woman while shouting anti-gay slurs at her

There’s little commentary to add. Just a litany of sadness and anger.