Monday, 30 August 2010

*grumble grumble*

Emails I received today (a day which is a bank holiday for most of the nation I’m told)

Email #1 from SP#2: Admonished me for the hours I have logged – she reminds me pointedly that such persistent long hours cause tiredness that is likely to lead to mistakes and may end up with the firm being liable. I need to be aware of the problems that could arise (because I totally didn’t realise, thank you) and she would advise that I check my caseload for the last week to see if I may have overlooked anything

SP #2, if I had the time to check my case load from a week in which I logged up to and possibly over 90 hours then I wouldn’t actually be working such hours.

Email #2 from SP#1: Reminding me of one of Randomness Colleague’s files that by his calendar hassome deadlines arising and I am needed to have a look at this case I’m not even remotely familiar with before things time out

I know about this file. It was one of her files that I did NOT take over and, at the time when I took on far too many of her files already,

Email #3 from Colleague: letting me know that she can’t actually work today as she had told me on Friday because her husband is taking her out to dinner (yeah, so was mine but I had to work), but she cleared it with SP #1. Could I please do X, Y and Z for her and she’ll see me Tuesday

Email #4 from Guardians: letting me know of 3 appointments today, 1 of which is a new cases they were told to refer to me, 1 from a colleague who has other plans today but told the Guardians that I’d handle it (didn’t think to mention it to me though, did you?!)

Email #5 from SP#3: scheduling has fallen off, he needs me to be on call tonight, thank you so much, knew he could rely on me. Oh and he’s away from his keyboard and phone all day so won’t receive any messages until tomorrow. Thanks! You’re a star.

Yeah, I’m going to go nova any minute.

My Email back to SP#2: Please find all the emails attached. Can you file them because I may one day need them in my defence, my insanity plea and/or to make people eat them. I would tell you this in person but I appear to be one of only 2 Associates+ in the office today – and he’s already left early.

Oh and no-one bothered to leave the keys to the vault but I “shouldn’t need it.” Yeah… guess what I needed today? And no, little Trainee, I can’t get in “some other way.” It’s called a vault for a reason. And while we’re on the subject – why did no-one tell Trainee she didn’t have to come in today?

ETA> Another email written but not sent to SP#2 since it's based on lots of pissed-offness: I am not going to check last week's work. And I'm probably going to run up another similar week this week as well. And I'll be more tired and more likely to make mistakes and I won't be checking that either. If you wanted it checked - you check it, I don't have the time. If I did have the time it wouldn't need checking in the first place. Rather than questioning my competence and common sense perhaps you could actually arrange matters so I don't have to work every waking hour. This is not my idea of fun, this is not my choice. You forced this situation on me - and you, from what I can see, are doing nothing to fix this. I have a life as well that I'd like to get back to.

Don't cast aspersions on my work when you KNOW how good my record is. Should I just leave it all? Should I limit my hours to something that is vaguely sensible and see if anyone else picks up the slack? See if anyone else in this EMPTY OFFICE will pick up the work load? I have a husband at home, right now, who wanted to go out to dinner tonight. I cancelled. He said he'd cook something, I've now had to ring him and tell him I'll be very late. I've also had to tell him I may be on call all night so we're probably going to spend another night without seeing much of each other. Enjoy your night out with your husband that I heard you planning on Friday, along with how many others who are taking advantage of the 3 day weekend?