Sunday, 1 August 2010

Work is becoming random

Well that was a busy night. I so hate being on call on the weekend – doubly so when half the calls are to turn up announce that a client is far too drunk to do anything but vomit on my shoes (oh do not dare, do not dare do that!) And I didn’t know I was on call until the first call came in… hmmm, damn lucky I wasn’t drunk. not that most of the clients would have noticed. I’m a very eloquent drunk. Well, a rambly one anyway.

And trebly so when it’s because one of my colleagues isn’t picking up their phones, it worries it does.

And it worries more that I’ve had… innocuous conversations with all 3 senior partners. All after midnight. Now SP1 is renowned for not needing sleep OR coffee. Or having any of the frailties of mortal man. He is a supreme legal machine that moves with inexorable. He is such a perfect lawyer that he can speak for HOURS and sound incredibly erudite and eloquent without you understanding a single word he says (yet still with the vague feeling he has answered any questions you had). But I’m sure the other 2 are at least partially mortal.

Oh and I’m taking over files, why am I taking over files? I already have more pending cases than I have hours for… and meeting people on a Sunday. And why did I agree to this again? Cursed Senior Partner and his mad skills.

Hmmm I feel something has gone pear shaped. This is worrisome.

It is also worrisome that I am vaguely interested intrigued and… excited by this? Logic Brain will now please to be stomping on the silly parts of my brain. Perhaps I have been stuck in a rut – it’s true that while my clients are infuriating as ever, they have failed to amuse rather. The Hounds must be quite saddened.

Yes I will watch with interest. And trepidation, yes, trepidation *pokes brain* be trepidated already.