Tuesday, 10 August 2010

You know I said August was the worst ever?

I was TOTALLY right.

See, in addition to broken bones, bruises and general owieness that are making my life several kinds of annoying (how long is this supposed to last anyway? Heal already!) And work doing some crappy things that are really hacking me off (more on that later) there is mooooore.

My leg, hurting from the fall, has decided to swell up, turn bright red, covered in nasty spots and feel like the skin is as tight as a drum head. It is also veyr very very sore – even more sore than the rest of me. It feels like an excrutiatingly bad sunburn. If said sunburn were then covered in acid. That kind of sore. And it doesn’t like me moving, no no it does not. It is also hot – not warm – hot to the touch. Somewhat worrisome.

So I made a doctor’s appointment to see secy doctor and be all stubborn because I hate pills.

Sexy Doctor finds my leg interesting and odd and to be a bad infection, he’s amazed I don’t feel like crap (or crapper than my battered state would suggest) but seems to be relatively confident that I have that to look forward to if the antibiotics don’t kick in soon (he seemed positively gleeful at the prospect. I told him his bedside manner sucked, he pointed out I wasn’t in a bed. I said unfortunatey and Beloved told me not to flirt with the doc. I’m not allowed to have any fun)

So now I am taking 500mg of Flucloxacillin 4 times a day and looking out for more symptoms of nastiness. I bet they have nasty side effects, oh yes.

*sulks* This is not a good month