Monday, 27 September 2010

Bad news comes round again – media round up

I sadly have some catching up on the news. As ever, quite a lot of depressing things that should not be forgotten – here we look at some media fails

First of all, in the UK a study has shown the BBC to be the worst channel for portraying gay people. I’d like to be surprised, I want to expect more from old Auntie… but I really don’t… heh, my license fee is put to good use it seems.

In particular I look at this quote:

In 126 hours of programming across BBC1, ITV1, Channel 4 and Five, only 46 minutes showed gay people in positive and realistic lights.

BBC1 showed just 44 seconds of positive and realistic depictions of gay people out of 39 hours and 30 minutes of programming.

Channel 4 transmitted 12 minutes of positive and realistic portrayal out of a total 34 hours and 14 minutes of programming and was ranked the best for showing gay and lesbian people at all.

ITV1 transmitted 34 minutes of positive and realistic portrayal out of a total 50 hours and 3 minutes of output.

I wonder if I even consider it news, just turning on the television will make it blatantly obvious how true this is. It’s especially sad when you realise how much people’s information about us comes from the media and how much that has real life consequences

The BBC has also decided to reject complaints about them asking whether gays should be executed or not This is my surprised face. Yes, really

Channel 4 decided to air a segment on homosexuality and religion including giving a platform to some of the country’s most virulent hate mongers to properly broadcast their homophobia. Y’know, there are plenty of religious folk who would lash out at minority religions in hateful and disgusting ways but we wouldn’t think it right to give them a platform – or to think including a “pro-minority religion” spokesperson as well would make up for the hate speech

There was a truly flabbergasting trainwreck by A.A Gill, a columnist with the Sunday Times feeling free to let loose some gross homophobia against open Lesbian sports presenter, Clare Baldwin. Among other things, referring to her as a “dyke on a bike.” When she complained to the editor – well, it wasn’t pretty. Apparently marginalised people should just suck it up and deal. Thankfully Baddwin’s reply was made of both awesome and win.

Thankfully – and shockingly given the PCC’s past record and indifference to homophobia, her complaint was upheld (I guess there is some crap even the PCC can’t ignore)

A former American Idol contestant is suing the show because they demanded he “gay it up” as well as considerable degrading comments and asked to “act more faggy“. It’s depressing that we are required to play a role and meet a stereotype – that just being a person is never enough

CNN has again entered that tricksy media realm of asking damn foolish bigoted questions and asks – is the surge in gay tv characters bad for society? Bad for society? Seriously?

Someone needs to tell Michael Catherwood that, no, even if you’re a gay man, you don’t want to be raped in prison. I have not the words. I am just going to headdesk in a corner

While not the traditional media, it’s a good example of how much people lose their ever loving shit at the sight of even the mildest form of same-sex affection. 2 men laid close together on a subway, touching quietly. It hits twitter - and bam, the shitfits begin! And lo, this is why I don’t do public displays of affection

The Omaha World Herald joins the ranks of the media that things GBLTQ people are just too obscene to set in print – no announcements for Lesbian couples planning to wed, how dare they

In the utterly horrific category – a “pro-family“ Radio DJ in the US, Penna Dexter has blamed a 15 year old murdered gay teen for his own death. Apparently he was “bullying” straight kids by being gay. This is another one of those moments where any comment is redundant.

And no, it’s not a fringe DJ – check the guests this show has had in the link. That’s not fringe.

And in the incredibly tragic, actor Yuvraaj Parasher has been disowned and kicked out by his own family for playing a gay role…