Wednesday, 8 September 2010

“Burn a Quran day”

I’ve started to write about this three times but what always comes out is a great big, “what? NO!” And then a huge line of “noooooooooo!!!!!” repeated endlessly until we reach 4 pages.

For those who haven’t heard, Rev Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Centre in Florida (now that’s a name that rings some bells, sadly) is having a burn the Quran day on the 11th of September.

It really is one of those things where it’s hard to form a coherent response – I mean, it’s so patently, obviously vile and wrong that what can you say? It’s like commenting on someone planning to feed kittens into a woodchipper – there’s nothing you can say that wouldn’t be blatantly redundant.

This is hatred and bigotry – this is aimed to hurt. I say this as no fan of ogranised religion, but this act is done not in protest, not in repudiatioon or rejection and certainly not remotely confined to “radical Islam” (and how any church willing to go ahead with this could possibly condemn another as “radical” I do not know). This is being done to hurt, offend and upset Muslims in general. It’s an expression of hatred and bigotry and no amount of words can hide that – especially as it comes at a time of considerable Islamaphobia, crimes, discrimination and attacks

If there’s one tiny bright spot in this great big shitpile it’s the number of people who have come out and said “no, this is wrong.” Because it definitely needs to be said and such hatred most certainly needs to be rejected