Saturday, 11 September 2010

Random funsies

Beloved: What do you think?

Sparky: … you’ve been watching my Doctor Who DVDs

Beloved: Yes, but isn’t it cool?

Sparky: You’re not going out in public like that, right?

Beloved: Why not? Bow-ties are cool!

Sparky: Yeah. I’m going to check your wardrobe for a Fez now.

Beloved: You’re totally arguing with the Doctor. You should know better.

Sparky: And how can you tie a bow-tie but it takes you the better part of an hour to tie an ordinary tie?

Beloved: Skills!

Sparky: I don’t think the look works for you anyway, you don’t have the cute geekiness to pull it off

Beloved: Hey, I’m a cute geek!

Sparky: A cute geek that looks like a surfer, though…

Beloved: *preen*

Sparky: A short surfer, anyway. With bad dress sense.

Beloved: *pouts* But I’m cuter than Matt Smith and David Tennant, though

Sparky: Yeah, you’re cuter than Matt Smith.

Beloved: Yep and… heyyyyy, what about Tennant?

Sparky: Uh… *run awaayyyy*

Beloved: *RAWR*!

Beloved: Admit I am sexier than the Tennant!

Sparky: Impossible, nothing could be that sexy. It would explode like some massive sexy bomb

Beloved: Gah, you have silly taste in men

Sparky: Obviously, look at who I married.

Beloved: RAWR!

Sparky: Hey, no fair, you practically fed me that line!