Thursday, 30 September 2010

Some more casualties from the attack on our youth

There is a very real cost to the constant dehumanisation of GBLTQ people – and frequently the ones who have to pay that cost are our young. In some ways, what really shows me the evil of the hate groups is how much they desperately fight and oppose us trying to save these kids – their true colours are plain to see

13 year old Asher Brown joins the sad list of youth driven to suicide by homophobic bullying The school not only tries to pretend no concerns were raised

They later ramp up the class – and blame the parents

The school has a history – another teenager at that school was beaten with a metal pole for being gay – and the teachers ignored the warnings and did nothing

An 18 year old university student Tyler Clementi has committed suicide. His harrassers actually installed hidden cameras into his bedroom to LIVESTREAM him having sex with another man. Yes, they streamed him having sex onto the internet.

Does there seem to be an epidemic of suicides among our young recently? No. Well, at least not recently. Because this isn’t new. The suicide rate among our youth is over 4 times higher than the norm. This isn’t happening more, we’re just becoming more aware

In other harrassment of our young

Chris Armstrong is the president of the University of Michigan student body. And he is openly gay.

This does not sit with with the Assistant Attorney General for Michigan Andrew Shirvell. No no it does not. See, this mind boggling bigot has actually started a blog expressly to harrass Armstrong – for his “radical homosexual agenda” And wow, it’s a doosey of a blog, it’ll make your eyes bleed. Frankly, it’s borderline stalking (and even the borderline is dubious).

Check that again, the Assistant Attorney General for Michigan is stalking and harassing a university student for DARING to hold this position while being openly gay. And no, his boss, Mike Cox, isn’t going to do anything about it.

Anderson Cooper confronted him on this and I include the link because… well, Cooper’s kinda hot (yes, shallow. I know). Worth watching because, DAMN it shows the hate and stalking. He is tracking him through the net and even protested outside his house.

An assistant attorney general is bullying a university student… stalking, bullying and frankly terrifying behaviour.

Oakleigh Marshall was voted homekinging king by his peers at Mona Shores High School in Michigan. Seems fine doesn’t it? His peers have elected him, the will of the people, yay democracy let’s find a flag to wave.

But no, administrators stepped in in outrage – because Oakleigh is a trans man. And, in their transphobic view, he can’t keep his title because he is registered in the school as a woman -never mind that uniform, his clothes at the prom and all the teachers all refer to him as a man -0 and rightly so. Never mind that the students of the school had voted for him.