Thursday, 30 September 2010

These bigots are beyond the pale

On top of the news of the suicides we have…

50 Cent, who urges men who don’t have sex with women, like yourstruly, to kill ourselves. Apparently it would make the world a better place in his view

Yeah, I can’t even comment sufficiently on that evil shit. Such hatred speaks for itself. And it’s not like it’s this bigot’s first time – at leats this isn’t an overt incitement to violence like his last.

And the “commodore” for La Crosse, Wisconsin’s festival decided to take objection to a 14 year old for having the temerity of carrying rainbow flags. He shoved her and told her “Go to a country where they hang people like you.”


Yeah, again I’m lost for words – what the hell is wrong with these evil bigots?!