Friday, 19 November 2010

Continuing amounts of crap and bigotry

We’ve seen the monumental awfulness of the UN not being able to condemn the random murder of GBLTQ people – we also get to see the World Bank deciding to endorse and fund… Ex Gay Therapy Yes, in a world wide recession the World Bank has time and funds to funnel resources into ex-gay – no, I’m not calling it therapy, I refuse. The systematic destruction of the souls of gay people.

2 female high school students in Oklahoma are being prevented from graduating because they are a couple. You’ve got to give a special prize to this quote “It is the policy of the Mid-Del Public School District not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs, services, and activities,” because all it does is highlight they have not anti-GBLTQ discrimination policy.

Apple seems to be censoring the word “gay”

In the UK we have a Christian homophobic couple who are fighting for their right to foster children – and traumatise them if they happen to be gay can you imagine what it’s like to be a gay foster child – likely already having had some awful experiences – being placed with this couple?

Also in the UK christian doctor has been fighting what she calls is discrimination against her. See, she’s supposed to vote on whether couples can adopt or not – only she demands to sit out or vote against allowing gay couples to adopt – for being gay Doctor, you’re not being discriminated against because of your religion – you’re being fired because you not only refuse to do your job, but your prejudice and refusal to look past it makes you UNABLE to do your job. Oh, she doesn’t feel she’s homophobic. Well she totally can’t be then, right? *eye roll*

She is not the only christian wailing how the big bad gays are oppressing them. Leading Anglican bishops are also upset at those nasty nasty gay rights laws preventing them being persecuting bigots won’t someone PLEASE think of the bigots?!

And the Catholics have to get in on some of that action – Cardinal Biffi believes homosexuals are going to be persecuting christians Let me find my violin. It may take a while, it’s damn damn small.

And on the subject of the Catholic church, well they’re always providing a chapter or 2 in the eternal list of hatred, don’t they? A catholic church in Minnesota deleted pro-gay op-eds in their student newspaper in response to the vile anti-gay dvd the catholic church sent out

The head of the Catholic church in Belgium says AIDS is justice for gay people Because all AIDS victims are gay and all gay men are AIDS victims?

Christian Pastor Joel Osteen goes on The View (gods I am hating that show) to spread some homophobia about the place

Croatian football is under threat! A desperate and horrific threat will tear down the very pillars of the sport! THE GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYS! Croatian football president says there is no place for gays in football see, only “normal people” play football. Football official Zdravko Mamic doesn’t want the gays either – gays do ballet, not football it seems (allow me a moment to giggle uncontrollably at the idea of me ballet dancing)

Football is also under threat in the US, where a teen was banned from playing because he was wearing PINK SHOES I… yeah. I have no words. Especially since they were a gift and linked to breat cancer awareness – not all things pink are gay *eye roll*

I have been painfully relishing the action various forces have been taking to try and give some hope and support for GBLTQ youth. Our hands are often tied and there’s certainly no magic bullet – but doing something to help, some reaching out would have meant so much to me back in the day.

Tory councillor Chris Windows disagrees. in fact, he thinks Sir Ian McKellan visiting schools is “disturbing.” Mr. Windows, if Sir Ian McKellan arrived at schools buck naked riding a horse bareback waving a very large sword, I would not find it remotely as disturbing as you and your ilk.

In another stunning display of compassion for our hurting youth – Focus on the family, the christian hate organisation continues to loathe the Day of Silence decency, they would not even see it with a telescope.

I wish they were alone. Some straight students have decided the best way to respond to “Spirit Day” is to wear ’straight pride’ t-shirts. With bonus Bible quotes that threaten death to GBLTQ people

In Wisconsin a female student was punched and called an anti-gay slur for wearing a “legalise gay” t-shirt

In Colorado a student had to fight to be able to wear her “immoral” pro-gay t-shirt is there any wonder our kids have problems?

A taxi driver in Nova Scotia, Canada, informed his lesbian passenger by announcing that all gays should be shot – including her

In Ontorio, a public Library balks at gay publications on the shelves

A Mexican gay couple are treated like several kinds of shit in a Canadian immigration detention centre where they are claiming asylum

A trans woman in New Jersey has lost her job and her home due to the transphobia of her boss and landlord

And of course there’s always the violence…

Polish gay rights activist Robert Biedroń was arrested and beaten by police and the arrest was… dubious to say the least

In London 4 men stabbed a man 12 times because they believed he was gay

In DC, a man was beaten by a man screaming anti-gay slurs

In San Diego a man was beaten and his attackers screamed homophobic slurs… not a hate crime apparently if this isn’t a hate crime then… what would count?

In Colorado a man was beaten by a gang yelling anti-gay slurs

And in the “is this supposed to be good news” section?

The Mormon church has declared that gays aren’t inherently bad and evil. We don’t need ex-gay therapy – we just need to be celibate! YAAAAAAAAAAAY, they’ve reached the same level of acceptance as the Catholic church. Excuse me if I don’t jump for joy.

The Gibraltar supreme court is talking about equalising the age of consent. Yay progress? I know yes it’s progress, but srsly? I wish I could say they’re alone but they’re not. Guernsey only equalised the age of consent in March. That’s March this year. The Isle of Mann equalised in 2006, Jersey in 2007. I’m not going to celebrate that it took until halkf way through the first decade of the 21sttcentury before British dependencies decided to do something this amazingly basic