Thursday, 18 November 2010

The right not to be murdered is just too much to ask

The UN General Assembly was voting on a resolution to ban extra-judicial, summary or arbitrary executions.

Or, to put it another way – the general assembly was voting to condemn killing people for shits and giggles. Note, this isn’t even a condemnation about the death penalty – just the death penalty being applied without even a pretence of justice (it doesn’t even require true or fair or real justice).

It included a non-exhaustive list of groups that currently face such arbitrary, extra-judicial murder on a grand scale. The resolution would have protected all people, this list merely highlights those that are especially vulnerable to such murderous persecution.

This included sexual orientation.

Note the past tense. An amendment has been passed to strip sexual orientation from the resolution. Because a resolution that calls for us not to be arbitrarily murdered is just too much to ask.

79 countries voted in favour of removing sexual orientation from the list. A further 17 abstained. Only 70 opposed the amendement

79 countries object to the ideas that we shouldn’t be murdered. A further 17 don’t give a damn whether we’re murdered or not. 79 countries felt the need to act to prevent the idea that our lives have value.

Life is too much to ask for from these nations. A statement against genocide just too strong for them to make.

The amendment passed because more nations in the world care about killing us for existing than care about even the most token attempt to acknowledge our lives are worth living.