Sunday, 5 December 2010

On the “Not Ashamed” Campaign

Christian Concern (BLECK you know with a name like this no good will follow) has launched the “Not Ashamed campaign” (AKA the “let’s totally rip off gay pride to pretend Christians are oppressed)

Lord Carey is the ex-archbishop of Canterbury and very much still a homophobe and general arsehole and he supports this campaign. No surprises, the man’s an arsehole and former head of a very homophobic church.

The premise of this campaign is that Christians are being pushed out of society, are oppressed and persecuted by the oh-so-mean secular state and how Christians are made to be ashamed and need to embrace their pride.

Yes, this is my not amused face. Because this shaky premise is based on this spectre of “persecution.” And what is that persecution, people? Why it’s not being able to tell foster children that if they’re gay they’re going to hell. It’s not being able to rearrange your job so all those icky gays never come anywhere near you. It’s refusing to do your job if there’s a possibility of the icky gays nearby. It’s not being able to proselytise to sick and bed ridden old folks when you’re supposed to be their medical carer.

I’d go on, but tethys89 has already written a wonderful post on how wrong this is.

There’s also the usual whining that ZOMG people are saying Happy Holidays! And there are cards with SEASONS GREETINGS written on them! Seasons Greetings! Do you not know that everyone in the country must worship Jesus at this time of year or the Christians are being oppressed?! How dare 2 non-Christians choose to send a non-denominational greetings card to each other! THE OPPRESSION! THE PERSECUTION! Won’t someone PLEASE think of the Christians!?

It’s almost funny.


Except it’s so revoltingly offensive it’s hard to laugh at it.

You are not oppressed, Lord Cary, by being unable to oppress others. You are not censored when your hatred is questioned. You are not persecuted when we reject your bigotry.

And, really – if the inability to discriminate against a minority hurts you so badly and if the idea of some of us celebrating a winter holiday at the same time as you is SO DAMNED HORRIFIC then you need to get over your selfish, egocentric, small minded self.