February in the UK is LGBT history month. Now, as I’ve said before I have a lot of problems with various history months (and do let’s insert the snark about “shortest month” here), but one thing I don’t regret is the portrayal of LGBT people in education. Kids need to see we have worth, that we exist that we’re not aberrations or sins or diseased. And that’s doubly so for LGBT kids.

So, one of the best things that is happening during this month are lessons that have an LGBT slant. Lessons with LGBT themes, lessons so our kids can see people like themselves once in a very great while.
And of course the haters got to hate. The haters and the bigots cannot possibly allow any attempt to tell our children they have value or worth, cannot allow any attempt to try and reduce their pain or the appalling suicide rate that takes so many of our youth.

First we have homophobic conservative (oh I suppose the “homophobic” is redundant since I’ve already identified the Tory) MP Craig Whittaker who believes all these silly attempts to stop internalised homophobia, homophobic bullying and gay suicide are just “nonsense” And it would seem that Tory MP Richard Drax is not only a homophobe who agrees with such bigotry, but is also a coward since he instantly edited them away when it was noticed and tweeted Ah Tories, still trying to convince me you’ve changed?

And we have this poisonous bigot, Melanie Phillips from the Daily Mail – and do we really expect better from the paper of Jan Moir and her evil venom? 

She is afraid that us gays have a “ruthless agenda” to destroy “normal sexuality” because you see we’re not normal. We’re freaks and diseased and other and corrupting the precious, proper, real straight people and their pure real sexuality. And of course telling them that gay people exist is an “abuse.”

See, telling a gay kid that they’re ok being gay and there’s nothing wrong with them? That’s an abuse. That’s child abuse apparently. Far better to wait until eh commit suicide – the Daily Mail and Melanie Phillips would much prefer that

Of course she thinks including non-sexual references to gay people in education is absurd. Absurd? Our existence is absurd?

No, do you know what is absurd? Her implication that being gay will become mandatory. That is beyond absurd. Seriously? Mandatory homosexuality? Everyone will have to become gay?

Really I can’t comment on the article, I cna’t. Reading it is nauseating, it is that bad – easily as bad as the evil flowing from Jan Moir

The Daily Mail is pushing new limits of hatred with this one.

Words cannot express how every little attempt to stop the suffering of GBLT people, especially our young, is met by such vehement opposition. It’s sadistic, it’s cruel and it’s evil

We know that the PCC won’t do anything after the Jan Moir debacle, we know the PCC supports and encourages homophobia. However, as in the previous trainwreck from this paper of hate, we can talk to the

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