Friday, 28 January 2011

The Extent of Hatred

Sometimes I think I’m innured to homophobia, I expect it, I’m used to it and when I read of it – well I have read of and seen it at its worst, I can no longer be shocked… and then…

Then we have the case of David Kato. He was a gay Ugandan man and an incredibly brave and dedicated advocate and activist for gay rights in a nation that won’t even grant GBLT people the right to live freely.
And he has been murdered. Beaten to death

Beaten death after he had to sue a newspaper, the Rolling Stone, for outing him and many other gays with captions like “hang them” attached

The paper printed an article outing him and calling for his death and now he has been murdered. The paper has no regrets

Already horrific beyond words and it’s amazing that the hatred can go further. But it can. The pastor at his funeral launched an anti-gay tirade at his funeral while he was being mourned, while those who loved him tried to bury him.

The villagers then refused to bury him. His friends, largely gay, had to take up the coffin so his funeral could be completed

I have no words for this. It’s evil,. It’s sick and it’s beyond enraging