Despite there being edited versions of this song, people are losing their ever loving mind over the idea that Dire Straits’ “Money for Nothing” needs to be edited in Canada to go on the radio

Never mind that broadcasters regularly alter words to cover everything from profanity to reference to drugs. Seriously, you must have heard it? Gods, there’s a song out there that if played before the watershed edits out “smoking grass in the back” because cannabis use is too risque! And no-one lost their ever loving shit over that one – but an anti-gay slur, quite possibly the vilest anti-gay word in existence and people are furious that their artistic vision is disrupted

Can I tell you how wonderful the internet is that you can’t throw a rock right now without righteous bloggers on the left and the right merrily using the word over and over. Because clicking on blogs and other websites and being ambushed by hate speech (and some straight person telling me how little that hate speech matters) is ALMOST as much fun as turning on the radio and being ambushed by hate speech. FUN TIMES!

And enough of the people saying “it doesn’t mean that in that context” about this and the Pogues (a song I love – but I love the edited version a million times more because it didn’t give lots of arseholes license to chant slurs and protest to any authority figure that it was in a song) because that’s such epicly stinking bullshit that it’s been upgraded to heaping piles of elephant shit. I know that word can mean different things in different context- in Britain variations of it are used to mean everything from meatball to cigarette. I know because people think it’s SOOOO clever to use them around me and work them in as often as they can for giggles. I also know that they aren’t what is meant here, so cut out your pathetic defence.

Honestly – the epic battle here of thousands of people desperate, DERSPERATE to keep an anti-gay slur out there