So I’m looking at some of the Toryness news and I’m having some chilling déjà vu.

Now, as I’ve mentioned before, February is LGBT history month in the UK and many things are planned for it. One of these by the organisation Schools outreach is to provide GBLT themed lessons in schools. By adding a slant to basic. There’s a great summary of the issues around it in this excellent article that in can’t really add to. I’ve already written about the Daily Mail’s bigoted comment on the subject

But there others are objections and I am chilled not just for the bigotry of them but for the echoes of them. Not only have the usual suspects at the Daily Mail opened their prejudiced mouths, but Tory MPs have spoke up against the children being exposed to the gays!

We are exposing children to “questionable sexual standards!”

Saving gay kids from suicide is “nonsense” and shouldn’t be in schools

And a Tory govt advisor thinks homosexuality is linked to paedophilia But can we expect more from Theresa May, our Equalities Minister and Section 28 champion?

Now, where did we hear such rhetoric before? Why… this is the same language the Tories used when they fought against Section 28 (3 times no less). This is the same language that Theresa May and Cameron and Baroness Warsi and William Hague (all of these champion bigots are still high ranking Tories) and all the rest of them used to keep section 28 law

Which leaves me cold. They’re using the same language. They’re nurturing the same attitude. The party of Section 28 has not changed and is still a haven for bigots and homophobes.

Of course, there is no shortage of other bigotry
We have yet another Tory MP calling the Equality Act a waste of money
And yet another just completely doesn’t believe in homophobic discrimination

In addition to one hotel appealing a decision that found them at fault for denying a gay couple from staying, they are not only appealing but are joined by another hotelier that wants to hang “straights only” signs on the door.

Ex-Tory Lord Chancellor rallies to defend homophobia so long as it waves a cross (thereby enshrining anti-gay bigotry as lawful) joining MP and ex-shadow home secretary Chris Grayling in insisting that discrimination against GBLT people should be legal

And of course the Daily Mail has something to say about it with this cartoon. I’d complain to the PCC, but it’s clear that the organisation is steeped in homophobia and not fit for purpose so it’s hardly worth it.
Oh and you’ve got to love the new Tory bait & switch with the “we’re going to delete past convictions. Except, by the wording of the Act  this is clearly not the case. They assure us it will be deleted – but the wording is clear. So even though this has been forced on them by judicial review, they still can’t do the right thing by us.

And, let us not forget that when a Chrstian “Therapist” was struck off for trying to “convert” gay people to straightness , a Tory MEP was there to defend them

David Cameron didn’t feel the need to criticise any of these people, despite being urged to do so. I am not surprised.

We’ve had a disturbing upswing in homophobic rhetoric from the Tories. But at least it will combat their rainbow-washing. Our enemies haven’t changed. The Tories are massive bigots and always have been – and they need to do a hell of a lot more than they have to convince me otherwise