Monday, 21 March 2011

Bad news continued - the violence

The result of all this. The inevitable – the violence, the pain and the deaths.

In New York, a teenager has been brutally stomped to death after leaving a party run by gay men by 4 attackers yelling anti-gay slurs

A gay bar in Jamaica has been raided by police screaming anti-gay slurs. As they fled, the patrons were pelted by bottles and attacks from local straight patrons of other bars. Several of the victims had to seek medical treatment for injuries sustained

Also In Jamaica, a man has attacked a woman because he suspected she was a lesbian

In Detroit, a gay man was attacked for being gay and his pleas for help were ignored

In St. Lucia 3 gay men has been attacked and threatened with death by 5 men who broke into the house they were staying in using anti-gay slurs. They were beaten and held at gunpoint St Lucia is one of those bigoted nations that has laws against homosexuality.

In Brooklyn, a gay man was beaten by 6 teens. They broke his jaw, nose and eye sockets

In Arkansas a trans woman was brutally murdered in a horrific crime she was shot and dragged to death behind a car Reporting of the crime has been the usual failtastic trainwreck of misgendering

In Pennsylvania, a gay man was freaking STONED TO DEATH Ugh, you think you've read it all.

In Scotland a gay man has died in what friends suspect was a homophobic attack

In Dublin TV Star Brendan Courtney was punched in the street in what he believes was a homophobic attack

In Indianna, a 16 year old has been arressted for attacking his gay class-mate. He left with with multiple facial fractures

In Staten Island, Ronald Jones choked a man to death. His excuse? why that would be the gay panic excuse! He had to strangle him because he came on to him

In Phillipsburg, another gay man was beaten to death