Friday, 4 March 2011

A bad news round up - bigotry on parade again

As ever, various authorities around the world have been opening their mouths and allowing a great deal of hatred, foolishness and just plain nasty fall out.

A bishop in Peru doesn't like the word “gay.” He much prefers slurs

In East London, stickers have been plastered around declaring the area a “gay free zone” with Muslim religious messages sadly this isn't the first time or the first British city with such a sticker campaign. Bigotry on every wall is headache making, it is.

In England, the Catholic Archbishop Southwark has had a little bigoted tantrum over the idea of religious civil-partnerships because all religions should be bound by his religion's rules

And in publishing, we have a new book available that claims all us gays need is a bit f Jesus to “cure” us. Good old Christian love, where would we be without it?

In the New Forest, following the series of hoteliers who tried to make their establishment straights only, one hotel owner decided to put up a sign declaring “poofters welcome” *sigh* really man, really?

Palm Springs police chief David Dominguez is a homophobic bigot,  always worrisome with a man in his position - and sadly not uncommon

In Colorado a policeman has been forced to resign after being exposed as beyond racist and homophobic hate speech on various online sites Many of them on police computers. Which is not only hateful but is just plain ridiculous in its foolishness.

A Rabbi for the York regional police in Canada has spilled the usual bigotry on GBLTQ people but don't worry, the police say, he's not homophobic because the bigotry's supported by scripture! So religious bigotry apparently isn't bigotry. I wonder if he decides to kill someone while yelling relighious verses, it'll be similarly accepted?

In Connecticut there's a coffee shop whose owner thinks its acceptable to call 18 year old gay customers “F@ggot 

No doubt we are all aware about the tragic and horrendous earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand. Guess whose fault it is? 

Sadly, no small amount of all this vile hatred is aimed at our most vulnerable - our youth.

In Alamaba, a 13 year old gay boy was bullied by his homophobic teacher The school shrugged it off – not important enough to them

A picture of Elton John, his husband David Furnish and their baby on the front of a magazine was deemed so offensive by a supermarket in Arkansas they they put a “family shield” on it, to protect the eyes of the kiddies from the gayness

In Minnesota, a school has changed the rules about dance partners walking into the dance after it became clear 2 lesbians would walk in together 

Repeated fool, Dr. Phil, thinks kids should be kept to gender segregated toys stifling gender roles are one of the main whips used against us - and worse for those who are trans or gender non-binary. And really - your son's playing with Barbie? Then object to the grossly sexist standards represented by the toy - not the fact he's playing with *gasp* a girl's doll! 

In Tennesee, State Sen. Stacey Campfield and Rep. Bill Dunn are trying to ban schools from mentioning any sexuality other than straight sexuality. That's really going to help fight anti-gay bullying, isn't it? We tried that once over here, it was called Section 28 – and it is literally an evil thing to do to kids.

In Kansas, a school newspaper editorial decided it would be great to quote leviticus implying GBLTQ people should be put to death now that's really going to help those vulnerable GBLTQ youth, isn't it? Want to make your school inclusive? Let's have some DEATH THREATS

In Canada, a Catholic school doesn't want people to discriminate – oh except against gays. Teachers should lead gay children towards a “more moral sexuality” like self-denial and repression! That's much healthier, right?

And, of course, daily life wouldn't be daily life without some major hurdles under the feet of GBLTQ people.

A Gym in Dallas offers family membership to couples. Well straight couples anyway.  same-sex couples aren't families after all *ugh*

A trans woman in Georgia was fired from her job as a Legislative Editor – because her boss objected to her plan to transition  her case is being fought by Lambda Legal

A Christian podiatrist in the UK doesn't want to treat gay men. And has worked hard to make the lives of the gay men under his care as difficult as possible. I didn't realise the Hippocratic oath included the “but not the icky homos” clause. Thankfully he has been found guilty of misconduct – how this man could be a doctor is beyond me

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams wishes it to be known that while everyone's talking about gay marriage – he's still a bigot, his church is still a bigot and he and the faith he leads won't be treating gay people as people at all  I suppose it's useful that major religions keep putting these “your kind aren't welcome” sign over the door – reminds me to treat them with the wariness they deserve.

Perhaps most damaging of all is bigotry written into the law itself. When legislatures write laws or fight for laws that enshrine prejudice, not only do they restrict those rights - but they send a message. To those arseholes out there who don't view GBLTQ people as people as not true or real citizens - and the law itself agrees.

Homophobic congressman John Ragan believes that the military can still discharge gay soldiers because there is still a ban on “sodomy” in the army. While highly dubious and of questionable legal grounds, it does emphasise that despite throwing out DADT (eventually, in theory, but not yet in practice) the US military still lacks explicit anti-discrimination policies to protect GBLTQ people. Without this, is there any real DADT repeal? Sure they don't automatically discharge you for being gay, but they can discriminate against you, target you etc for being gay and it's all good

In Utah, there is a truly horrendous bill being introduced by Rep LaVar Christensen His “family policy bill” that both enshrines marriage as a religious institution and denies any consideration of family to same-sex couples. So extreme is this law, that it may even prevent same-sex couples from making wills 

The Iowa house has passed a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.  Thankfully the bigots don't control the senate so it's unlikely to pass

In Montana, a bill has passed the house that will prevent towns from enacting their own anti-GBLTQ discrimination provisions – they are trying to force discrimination onto these cities which have already fought for equality

In France, the highest constitutional court has backed a gay marriage ban. Yet more legal lesser status enshrined in law, enshrined in the nation's highest authority

India is finally moving to protect vulnerable women from predatory surrogacy agreements. This is past time for regulation and monitoring and vital for the safety and well being of these women. But, alas, they have to dump bigotry in the law and includes a blanket ban on gay couples from seeking children by surrogacy not a ban on surrogacy – just gay couples. What a shame to ruin such a good law with hatred.