Monday, 21 March 2011

Bad news Round up

First we begin with one of the greatest sources of anti-gay hatred – Organised Religion

Rowan Williams the archbishop of Canterbury is still an anti-gay bigot. And this is my not-surprised face. It'd be nice if the country's biggest religious forces weren't enemies to my existence but that's not likely to happen in my lifetime. He doesn't want that icky gay marriage anywhere near his churches and is grumbling about the potential of real marriage for us gays After all, we may get above ourselves and think our loves and lives have meaning. Can't have that, can we Rowan?

Minister Louis Farrakhan, in addition to lashing out at Rhianna and her sexual performances, labelled Gays and Lesbians “swine”. Yet another religious leader, yet more hateful, disgusting bigotry.

Pastors on the island of St Maarten want a special code of conduct for gay tourists. They want the law changing to prevent the “corrupting influence” of gay tourists. Ah Christian love on display again.

Bishop Harry Martin is gleeful over the defeat of marriage equality in Maryland Joyous that his Christian love hurt so many families

In California, the Crystal Cathedral mega-church is forcing its choir to sign an anti-gay pact More love and blessings it seems

In Iowa, NAACP chapter heard, Rev Keith Ratliff attacks gay rights in an anti-gay speech fighting against equality

In the UK, the Christian couple who admitted they could not support GBLT kids and were prevented from fostering because of it want our equality laws to be overturned to accommodate more anti-gay bigotry

The Mormon church excommunicates a gay man for being gay – then forces himself to out himself to his parents

Which, in turn, often goes hand in hand with politics and politicians. Where our rights always have to be fought for and are always opposed

Silvio Berlusconi, prime minister of Italy and already proven homophobe has hurried to ensure the equally bigoted Catholic Church that gays will never be allowed to marry or adopt. Worry not Catholics, you will never be forced to deal with us gays being treated like real people!

The president of Belarus decided it was appropriate to tell openly gay German foreign minister, Guido Westerwelle, to stop being gay. Sadly it probably wouldn't be appropriate for Mr. Westerwelle to tell Alexander Lukashenko to stop being a complete arsehole and learn some respect and basic common decency. I feel sorry for him, because of his job and position I doubt very much he felt he could drop kick Lukashenko in the balls as he so rickly deserved.

Australian PM, Julia Gillard, is a homophobe who believes that homophobia is an important tradition. And straight relationships are just more special than our gay relationships.

In East London, Tower Hamlets, supporters of mayor Lutfur Rahman are filling the public gallery and yelling anti-gay slurs and homophobic abuse at his opponents The mayor refuses to condemn the abuse – his politics is fine with bigotry. This follows stickers in the area not long ago declaring it to be a gay-free zone, though that has largely been forgotten and brushed under the rug.

Ex-Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone continues to defend a cleric's virulent homophobic hate speech Amazing how bigotry isn't bigotry if you have religion behind you – and politicians to defend you

The Ohio senate is balancing the budget! with anti-gay legislation! Stripping GBLT workers of all possible domestic partner benefits is the key to financial stability, it seems.

In Kansas, law makers Jan Pauls and Lance Kinzer struck language that would decriminalise homosexuality from a bill. Never mind Lawrence v Texas, they want to keep the sodomy law!

In Maryland, the Marriage Equality bill has failed. Democrats joined Republicans in shooting it down>

Dan Swecker, senator for Washington decides to
lie obscenely about gay parentage laws. Much easier than actually telling the truth and revealing your bigotry

Transparent Lesbian baiting is used in a Tampa election

A report has exposed New Orleans Police of, well being prejudiced in just about every damn way it is to be prejudiced

the media saturates all around us, shaping ideas and minds – and the Entertainment world is no stranger to pushing homophobia while doing it

The Ultimate Fighting Championship thinks slurs are still a-ok. after all, how else will you insult your opponent without anti-gay slurs? It's almost scripted now. And not only does these vilest of slurs get common useage but we have the same old trope that if you want to call someone weak or fragile or less macho then you call them gay.

At the Oscars Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem had a playful dance and a kiss on stage. The cameraman freaked and, desperate to protect viewers from the awful gayness, quickly shifted to a prolonged and awkard focus on Penelope Cruz instead Quick thinking there, nearly had GAY all over the television screens!

In Australia, news anchor Ron Wilson decided to label Mardi Gras “disgusting” while talking about gay diversity in the parade and in between questioning why gays and lesbians wanted to be married. Bonus points for “homosexual lifestyle”

Apple continues it's anti-gay arseholery by approving an app from Exodus International. It's not the first anti-gay App they've allowed, despite banning racist and anti-semitic apps. to make matters worse, as well as this life destroying vile thing they're promoting – they also rate it 4 stars. For being non-objectionable

Larry King things it's oh-so-funny to refer to openly gay Anderson Cooper as “she” Because, y'know, denying the masculinity of gay men or the femininity of lesbians is just SOOOO funny.

And Jay Leno again expresses his concern for 4 year old boys showing signs of the dreaded GAY!

Malyasian radio stations are censoring Lady Gaga's Born this Way because it has pro-gay lyrics *sigh* our existence is obscene again

Bigotry continues in business, goods and services – every damn walk of life

A Canadian florist wants to deny goods-and services to GBLT people People dismiss this and say “go somewhere else.” But how far does that go? The minute you accept that straights-only establishments are ok, how much more open discrimination are you willing to tolerate? And, really, it annoys me because this is an argument we've had concerning so many minorities and we have already said “NO this is wrong” there, so why are we arguing again?

In Alice Springs, Australia, openly gay author Armistead Maupin was barred from using the toilets because they're for “real men” only

Ikea releases a very mild gay positive advert in italy. And people freak including calling it “Swedish Imperialism” would you believe What? Gays are part of the Swedish empire? What?

And I'm always sad that this section is always so well populated – we have to look at the bigotry that seems expressly aimed out our most vulnerable – GBLTQ youth

The author of the other anti-gay Manhattan declaration App has had another bigot explosion railing against GSAs in schools – the ones that protect and support our most vulnerable? Yeah they teach teens to choose “disease, heartbreak and an early death” See I look at that and I think that these people WANT our kids to die. They're desperate to remove every last possible support net available. I think the hate groups are gleeful with every dead GBLT teen.

Want to wear a pro-gay tv shirt at school in Dallas? can't have that! It's TOO DISTRACTING Damn that distracting equality and acceptance!

Harding university in Arkansas is a Christian university – and doesn't like teh gay. No no it does not. In fact, when students published a magazine on the net on what it was like to be gay on such an anti-gay campus the site was blocked on campus because it was “objectionable” “offensive” and “degrading.” Well at least he doesn't mix words and wears his bigotry for all to see

Chuck Norris apparently thinks schools are “too gay” And reasonable people think Chuck Norris is a fool and a bigot.

In Utah, someone apparently agrees with him since openly gay candidate for student government at Southern University is being plagued by anti-gay graffiti

In California, a teacher drew “s” on a gay-supporting student's hand and referred to them as “sinner” This person is unfit to supervise children under any circumstances. But then the school doesn't seem much better – not treating the GSA in the same way it treats other minority organisations and punishing gay kids for objecting to anti-gay slurs, while ignoring the slurs themselves

In Ontario, Catholic headteacher decides not only to a gay-straight alliance – but also hands out homophobic pamphlets! Isn't that a great place for kids?