Saturday, 5 March 2011

Bigotry on Parade, a bad news round up - Violence edition

 An inevitable effect from the badness of the last post - discrimination eventually manifests as hate and violence. Never forget while people cheerlead against us, demean us and dismiss us, they are responsible for this
There is, naturally, a Trigger warning on this for the violence within

In London there has been a 28% rise in reported anti-gay hate crimes and a similar rise in Scotland I wonder if this is a sign of things getter worse and more violent or just a sign of greater willingness to report? I know from experience that most hate crimes aren't reported – there's too much fear of being outed, too much fear of the police (that has a horrendous homophobic record and many of us have bad experiences) and too much fear of the hassle. So more reporting or more violence? I hope for the former, I fear the latter

The murderers of gay man, Ian Baynam in London have been sentenced. Sentenced to 7, 6 and 2 years. 15 years between them. 7 years maximum for knocking a gay man to the ground and stomping on his head.

In Manchester, a man was evicted for threatening to firebomb a local gay couple. He has now... returned to the same street yay, effective there. With such masterful strategies why should we worry?

2 Teens in Stoke-On-Trent barged into a gay man's home to kick him in the head and beat him  there really are no safe spaces

In North Carolina, an attacker is claiming gay panic defence after he killed his gay room-mate honestly this excuse comes up every damn time

Also in North Carolina, a gay couple's home has been burned down in an apparent arson after over a year of anti-gay harassment

In Louisiana a man was brutally beaten in an attack related to his sexuality. Warning – unpleasant image of the results of what they did to him behind the link 

In Georgia a gay man was told he would burn in hell by a note thrown through his window – before his home was set on fire 

A gay Massachusetts man has had several anti-gay slurs written on his door I am perhaps most disturbed by the number of attacks we're seeing on people's homes - one of the few places most of us feel safe

In Cameroon, a gay man was beaten and narrowly escaped being burned alive by a homophobic mob http://madikazemi.blogspot.com/2011/02/in-cameroon-young-gay-man-nearly-burned.html

In India, a television programme decided to out gay men, on television and broadcast their personal details – including their names.They then called some of these men in “stings” to out them. After that, the fact this hateful programme then labelled them as “deviants” seems almost minor.

Hard to read, but essential to remember