Friday, 14 January 2011

Stop talking to this man already!

So a couple of university students have got married for art, one of them is a gay man.

Now, personally my thoughts are more “what, he can marry a woman for the sake of ‘art’ but he couldn’t marry another man for the sake of love?” and get rather seethingly pissed to be honest. Because it reminds me for all the prating from the straight world about how uber precious marriage is and it just can’t be sullied by our gay selves, the fact remains that a male/female couple is already quite capable of doing just about anything in, to or for marriage and absolutely no-one gives a damn

But the Daily Mail (ugh) interviewed someone who took a different view – see it was an act to denigrate marriage and of course it was done by a gay man – because after all that’s what we exist for. Because they couldn’t just comment on the marriage, they couldn’t just comment on the art, they couldn’t express whether they disagree or not – no it has to be the malicious gays!

This expert? Yes it’s Stephen bloody Green again bloody hellfire, who moved the rock and let this guy out? When did he become to go-to guy for all British media whenever discussing a gay person?

STOP talking to this man, stop interviewing him, stop treating him like an expert, stop deciding that this straight bigot is an expert on all gay issues ever. I am past sick of seeing a hate group continually interviewed to comment on everything we say, everything we do and everything we are.