Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Tories and their sycophants make me see red.

I'm especially loathing their rainbow-washing, pretending they're so pro-gay while demeaning the advances of the past or trying to claim credit for things they are no part of.

Theresa May and your Igor, Lyn Featherstone, I am sick of your speeches. I am sick of your feel good, do nothing little homilies. I am sick of Theresa May asking us to judge her on her actions (oh but not the evil past actions to the non-existant current inaction) when what she means is “pretend the past didn't happen and listen to the pretty speeches.”

And I am sick of Igor Featherstone dismissing and splashing contempt all over the successes of the past. I am appalled that she dare try to demean the battles we have fought and desperately won in the face of fierce opposition from the party she now mindlessly supports.

I am outraged that she dared dismiss equality and rights legislation as “government diktats.” Screw you you privileged, prejudiced excuse for a human being.

Of course she has made a habit of handwaving away equal rights legislation in many speeches and seems proud of them the way she crows about them on her blog (in between whining about Labour councils cutting funds because of the cuts her government is part of). Because the Tories don't like them and largely voted against them , so Featherstone is there to dismiss them as unimportant!

I wouldn't have a job if it weren't for those laws. I lost jobs before them because of their lack. I've been treated like utter shit. I have seen friend and contact after friend and contact come to me and ask for help and those laws were what I used to protect them.

But this straight woman dismisses them – DIKTATS! Government meddling! Government pretending to know best!

And of course now they're leaping all over trying to claim these religious civil partnerships as theirs. Never mind that Lord Ali, the Labour peer, and first openly gay peer, was the one who proposed this but saw it back-burnered because of TORY opposition that caused complete caving. Thank you straight women, for stealing that credit from what one of our own did.

And now the “equality in sport” they're prating on about. Look at the pretty speech! Look at what they've done. What have they done? What they've done is leap onto an ongoing campaign run by Gareth Thomas and Steve Davies and suddenly decided “that's ours! Us! We did that!” Is this going to become a pattern? Wait until gay people work for gay rights then claim it as their initiative?

Amusingly their action plan includes pretty speeches but the part where any DETAILS or real action would be included is broken. Hah says all you need to know about May and Igor Featherstone. But hey, you can totally LIKE on a facebook page! Wow be in awe of the actions of the Equalities Office. Slacktivism has reached government levels. Tomorrow they'll totally produce a meme and ask your whole friend list to copy and paste it! Totally cool.

The bullying in schools initiative? Oh, fallen off the radar.

Actual gay marriage? Oh, they'll “consult.”

Accountability for homophobia? Oh no that's government meddling! See, May and Igor Featherstone want to do away with these wretched “tick boxes”. Of course, ignoring that those “tick boxes” were how diversity was tracked. No they want to encourage a culture of inclusion – without actually checking if it's inclusive or not. But it means for more pretty speeches!

What about the cuts to the gay police association? Oh crickets. Not a word. It's not as if the police are an extremely prejudiced force of oppression that has an appaling record with minority rights or anything, is it? Oh wait, it is. Oh wait, one of the few organisations that was trying to make inroads and reduce the spectre of the police being our enemies has been defunded completely. Oh wait actual concrete efforts to do something to protect GBLT people has just been utterly shafted. And the precious Equalities ministers? SILENT.

Well done you two. You must be really fucking proud of your slimy selves

I would never ever vote for the Tories, every passing day I loathe them more. I don't know what it would take for me to ever return to being a Lib Dem. Clegg would have to go – and I certainly won't vote for the party while Featherstone is still a member.