Thursday, 21 April 2011

And we have yet another straights-only hotel

Joining so many previous incidents of people trying to push us out and extablish straight-only pubs, clubs, hotels and facebook *eye roll* we have yet another example

A lesbian couple in Brighton are suing the Brunswick Square hotel that denied them a room and called them "rejects"

Brighton? You want to make a hotel in BRIGHTON straights-only? That's even more ridiculous and hateful than usual.

This is happening far too damn often - as in it's happening at all. The straight world of Hetlandia keeps trying to push us away and bury us as much as possible. To make us hide, to keep out the straight world (which is 99% of the world).

Here's hoping they drive this bigoted establishment into the ground. I am past sick of this crap - apart from anything else, it's happening so often I'm beginning to feel I have to save this text so I can just paste it for next time.

I'm furiously glad we have equality laws that allow us to have some come back when this happens - and deeply afraid at how disrespected and attacked those laws are, especially by the current government