Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Bad Bews Round Up

It's another bad news round up of bigotry and hate

I think it's important to put these together because often times when we see these incidents, we see them in isolation. It's important to gather then together so we can see not just the individual incidents, but the trends, the repetition, the same shit happening over and over again in place after place after place. The pattern, prevalence and repetition is important, especially in a world that dismisses prejudice constantly.

I begin with Hate speech because it is the foundation on which so much hatred is built. Hatred does not occur in a vacuum. Hatred does not happen in isolation – it happens because innumerable people encourage it and tolerate it by their hateful words and dehumanising speech

Poala Concia, openly lesbian Italian member of parliament was heckled by a homophobe yelling “Fucking Lesbians, they should have sent you to the ovens.” Any commentary I make is redundant.

Do you know what you need if your son is gay? Booze, apparently, according to Cachaca Magnifica. Yes, gay children will drive you to drink. Because we all need the idea that gay children are such a terrible terrible burden on a parent, don't we?

A painting by Gauguin in DC's national gallery was attacked by a woman who objected to it's “evil” homosexuality

A gay bar in Fresno has been vandalised with anti-gay slurs

And in bigotry that keeps on coming back, Italian Professor Roberto De Mattei has declared that homosexuality caused the downfall of Rome now, I'm not even a historian but even I know that in its latter years Rome converted to Christianity – should we blame the religion?

An openly gay council candidate in Florida has had his campaign posters vandalised with anti-gay slurs

In what is rapidly becoming a theme, gay kissing is again found to be obscene this time a gay couple in New York were kicked out of a taxi for kissing

Homophobia in Sport has been a topic for a while now, as one of the main bastions of unapologetic heterosexism is being increasingly pressed to own it's homophobia and deal with it. This is vital – sportsmen are powerful role models and sports themselves consume vast amounts of our culture, media and attention. To have so large a part of society so homophobic is a major problem that needs addressing.

WWE has made a pact with GLAAD. Along with many sports they have made a pretty speech about not tolerating homophobia any more. Within a week they're using “faggot” as an insult again. A week? You couldn't at least last a month?

2 sportsmen in Toronto hold hands and there is a shitstorm of horror and mockery, ZOMG TWO MEN TOUCHED ye gods grow up.

Kobe Bryant has a little temper tantrum and calls the ref a “fucking fag”. There follows a non-pology and a legion of fans saying how not homophobic homophobic slurs are Oh yes and more and more defence of homophobia. Joy

Sadly, no round up of bigotry would be complete without mentioning the devastating hatred brought from organised Religion. Religion is one of the world's ultimate forces and ultimate authorities. More than anything else, religion is a force that says “this is good, this is right, this is moral.” And, sadly, what it is often said is that we are lesser, that we are not worthy of rights and that it is moral to hate us.

The Catholic church is business as usual – they are the persecuted ones because *gasp* people are being so mean to them about being utter and total homophobic bigots! How could we! All they want to do is dehumanise us, strip us of our rights and make us objects to revile!

And New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan wants us to know that same-sex marriage is totally like marrying your mother. Another incest comparison. *yawn* update your script, homophobes, that's been done

A collection of Catholic bishops are outraged that HUD may oppose discrimination against GBLT people in housing. Because the moral course would be to make gay people homeless – that's what god would want, right? They're not even pretending to be decent people any more

Phil Donahue also raised his trollish head, still playing defender for paedophiles and has taken out another advert blaming the catholic child abuse scandal on, yes, the gays. Again he keeps trying and it never gets less offensive or pathetic.

Bishop Harry Jackson thinks gay marriage is a satanic plot. Satanic? Really? Don't hold back man, let that bigotry floooow.

Pastor Ken Hutchinson thinks gay marriage and DOMA is baaad baaad wrong. I'm not sure of the details beyond “I'm a screaming bigot” because he doesn't make a lot of sense. And, really, all these haters come down to “I'm a screaming bigot” in the end.

Wonderful religious hater, Wanda Rolon, protested Ricky Martin's tour in Puerto Rico because he is Hell's Ambassador! Hey, Ricky, can I see your credentials? And if they check out, can we discuss creative uses of that diplomatic immunity?

Speaking of religious haters with only the most tenuous grasp of reality – Cindy Jacobs knows who to blame for the Japanese Tsnuami. Yep, it's god's punishment for the gays again. I wonder how this woman gets through life. She wakes up and steps on a hairbrush? Damn those gays. Runs out of milk for her morning coffee? Those gays are at it again! Her car won't start – the gays done it!

Law enforcement is something that cannot be ignored. When we are attacked and abused we rely on these people to be a dubious shield – but all too often we simply cannot trust them

Illinois Sheriff Don Schieferdecker is in hot water after referring to his colleague as “little fag jewboy” Showing that not only is he a multiple bigot, but also that he's way way way too stupid to carry a gun.

In Mississippi, a prison guard has got his job back, thankfully, after being fired for being gay

In Glasgow a lesbian PC Has thankfully won her case for discrimination against her sergeant who was merrily happy with hate speech, slurs and demeaning her relationship

And last, but by no means least, we have the Law and Politics like religion, politics provides authority and legitimacy for hatred – they make hatred acceptable and good and decent. And worse, they substantially change the very protections and rights we need to survive in a deeply homophobic world.

Hungary's new draft constitution explicitly bans same-sex marriage and enshrines homophobia. It always saddens me that people hold hatred for us so highly that they have to elevate it to the very core of their laws and the very pinnacle of their legal system. That's some powerful hatred.

In Malaysia, authorities have sent 66 boys to a “gay cure camp” Ye gods I fear for those boys, I fear for what will be done to them and how damaged they will be.

Mississippi governor Haley Barbour is still worried about DADT repeal – after all gay soldiers are going to spend far too much time wanting to have sex with the other soldiers to fight effectively. Because, y'know, risking my life in the middle of a firefight totally makes me horny and you just know those games are going to call war time outs for make outs! If this fox-hole's a-rocking...

The Indiana Senate has voted to ban same-sex marriage and civil unions Nothing to say – bigotry given legal authority again.

Meanwhile Montana is is desperately clinging to a bill that makes gay sex illegal. Despite Lawrence V Texas making it unenforceable they're just that attached to their hatred – or they have plans to enforce it.

The University of Toledo in Ohio fired Crystal Dixon for being a homophobic bigot. She now has a new job – working for Jackson County and City's human rights department it's almost comic.

State Rep Dan Gordon in Rhode Island is having a hissy fit about a Gay Straight Alliance. Because knowing gay people exist and are due respect is on par with naughty sexiness in school

State Rep Ken Peterson in Montana wants to imprison gay “recruiters” for 10 years> What does this even mean? What counts as “recruiting?” This law sounds comical but it's horrific when you think of what homophobes could consider “recruitment.” But then, he always ants “open displays of homosexuality” to be illegal – including kissing. And damn I wish I were making that up

In Tennessee a senate pannel has approved a bill preventing homosexuality being mentioned in schools. We did this in the UK. It was called Section 28. I don't think I can adequately describe the evil of it

In Virginia, a state board has voted against allowing gay couples to adopt

President Mugabe in Zimbabwe is still a homophobic bigot claiming that homosexuality is “filth” and “unnatural” as well as, again, claiming it to be a European thing