Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Bad news round up - the violence

Sadly the consequences of all of the former is always the violence.

In a Baltimore McDonalds, a transwoman was attacked and beaten – and spectators VIDEOED it rather than actually helping. She speaks out on her experience here, as well as about transphobia in general There is so much horror in the violence that is so common against GBLT people – but it emphasises it beyond reason when we see how much of it is tolerated by society – and spectators.

In Texas, a man shot and killed his daughter's girlfriend and her mother

In Maine, a man has been arrested for an anti-gay attack on someone because they were from San Francisco

In South Carolina, a gay teen was attacked by a mob of homophobes who put him in hospital

In San Francisco, a transwoman was attacked by 2 men in a brutal hate crime

In Indiana, a man has been found guilty of murder in the killing of a gay professor

In Leicester, a gay man was brutally attacked by a gang wielding bats after being lured into a meeting

In London, a teen has been charged with stabbing a gay man in Camden

Also in London, a gay man was assaulted and beaten in central London in a brutal attack that fractured his skull

Yet again in London, a gay man was attacked by 3 men on Clapham common, leaving him with various head injuries

In Surrey, police are still appealing for witnesses for information about the brutal murder of a gay man in his home

A 15 year old schoolboy from Gloucester has apparently committed suicide amid rumours that he was gay. No words, just more sadness.

In Ohio, 8 horses are dead after the barn they were in was burned down by homophobic arsonists who left anti-gay slurs in their wake