Sunday, 10 April 2011

The ban on gay/bi male blood donors is NOT ending

Several news sources have rather erroneously reported that the ban in the UK of gay men donating blood is ending

It is not.

Currently as the rule is that any man who has had a sexual encounter with another man (whether protected, penetrative or otherwise) is banned from giving blood, for life. I know this bitterly because it nearly outed me, coming from a family of blood donors.

This rule is going to have to change – it is being forced by the Equality Act – so it has been tweaked.

The change will mean men who have had sex with men can give blood. So long as they haven't had sex with another man in 10 years.

10 years.

That's even longer than the last insulting time they decided to look at this bigoted rule

So, a straight man who goes out and has unprotected sex with every woman in a 50 mile radius? Totally ok. A gay man in a monogamous relationship and using protection? Inherently diseased.

But if we're celibate long enough, if we try to avoid our nasty gayness long enough, if we can have sex with women instead – if we can desperately avoid same-sex relationships for 10 years then our diseased status gets downgraded. Yay, we will be redeemed in the eyes of straightness and deemed worthy to mix out tainted blood with theirs.

So gay men are inherently tainted. Men who have sex with another man are polluted, corrupted and just so awful that we can't possibly allow our vile tainted blood into the vaunted veins of holy straightness

But if we try, if we abstain, if we refrain from gayness, then maybe, maybe, after enough time, we will be pure enough for our diseased blood to be tolerable to the straighties.

Needless to say, I call bullshit on this.