Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Beloved has bought a BBQ

So, as people may know reading my various babbles, I don't have much truck with bbqing.

As far as I'm concerned our ancestors used to build fires and burn food on open flame. And that was in the 16th century. We now have electricity, gas, microwaves, combination ovens, stoves, hot plates, steamers, slow cookers, pressure cookers, automatic bread makers, thermal blenders and even these ridiculous vacu-pack things. In other words, humanity has moved a long way from “I shall put fire on it!” and watching it go brown.

I am not enamoured by the idea of leaving my perfectly well equipped kitchen to char meat on open fire, but Beloved has other plans. And has bought a BBQ. Yes he went shopping without me and saw a “sale” and it looked shiny and then there was an upgrade and it was only *mumble mumble* more.

I swear, the salesmen see him coming and start rubbing their hands with glee.

By what Beloved says, it is quite a ridiculous BBQ with hot plates and warming plates and grill attachments and it runs on gas and while it's technically portable, I believe heavy machinery may be involved in the transportation process. It has a wok attachement. Our stove doesn't have a wok attachment. Why does it need a wok attachment? Who BBQs stir fry?! It has a PIZZA OVEN built into it! There will be more gadgets on my patio then there will be in my kitchen.

Of course, Beloved's shiny addiction knows no limit. At least it's not as bad as the BBQ certain Canadian's other half wants to buy (though why she'd want to BBQ among the 8 foot drifts of snow and angry moose I don't know) but still I'm inclined to question WHY one would need a damn professional kitchen in the garden.

Oh when will I learn, Beloved cannot be allowed out without a keeper. He's getting a full on “enthusiasm” about this now. We're going to BBQ every weekend and he's going to make pizza and special bbq flavoured meals and it's all going to be wonderful

This from the guy who can't reliably boil water with a kettle.

It's a damn good thing he's cute.

I have a feeling when I find the price tag on this thing I'm going to be... less than amused.