Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Cutting "red tape" apparently includes Equalities legislation

So the government is seeking consultation on their rather ridiculous “Red tape challenge” site to ask the public what they think of regulations and which can be removed.

And one of these they want to ask whether it needs keeping changing – OR REMOVING - is the Equalities Act

The Act that has brought all of our Equalities laws together. This act, which they're consulting on removing - is now the cornerstone of all our anti-discrimination law and protections. They're consulting people about gutting our Equality protection laws. They're including the Equality act on a site that is all about removing regulation.

And seeking consultation for this? That is so beyond wrong

What is the point of seeking consultation with the populace at whole to make a decision about a law that protects minorities? The dominant majority doesn't realise how important and powerful these laws are. It doesn't protect them, it doesn't help them, they don't need it – but they are sought to rule on whether or not these laws are important or needed?

No, this is seriously not ok.

Please go to the site and rage away – because rage is the only reasoned response to this.