Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Kissing is not obscene

I am so sick of our love being considered obscene, I really am. I am sick of my existence being something that needs censoring and hiding away from the delicate eyes of the poor, precious straight gazes.

In Cambridge, Massachusetts, a gay couple is kicked out of a Deli because they kissed

In Soho 2 gay men have been kicked out of a pub for kissing

Seriously, in Soho of all places. And, again for kissing? I have lost count of how many pubs I've been in where there have been a straight couple probing each other's tonsils. Opposite-sex kissing is common place, it's on TV, it's on adverts, it's in adverts and it's every day in our streets and we don't blink an eye.

Kissing is not considered obscene. Kissing is not considered too risqué for public consumption. Kissing is not something we feel the need to keep behind closed doors for the sake of our delicate sensibilities

Yet let it be 2 men?

Wonderfully, there has been a protest of GBLT people going to the pub to hold a kiss-in of course, the pub was so scared of ZOMG TEH GAYS KISSING! That they closed. so it was held outside

I'm actually slightly saddened by kiss-in protests. Not that I don't agree with them – they're beautiful, they're loving, they raise visibility, they're wonderful things

No, I'm saddened that it is a protest. I'm saddened that the sight of two men or two women locking lips is soooooo out there that a group of us gathering to do it is a statement. I'm saddened that we have to battle for our right to perform this most simple display of affection. I'm saddened that us loving each other is considered so shocking, so horrible and so frightening that it becomes a statement.

And then we get to the facebook fiasco. See, someone posted a picture on their facebook of 2 fully dressed men kissing – it's actually a screen capture from the soap Eastenders that shows before the Watershed. I don't think you could show a same-sex kiss and it be more sanitised. But Facebook disagrees and deleted the photo because it is sexually suggestive Click the link and see the picture. Unless you're Mary Whitehouse I can't see how you'd call that sexually suggestive

I am tired of our love being seen as obscene. It's this bigotry that still has a book about gay penguins topping the “most complained about” books list.

I love Beloved,. He is my husband and yes, I kiss him. I love to kiss him. And I want, I dearly want, to be able to do so whimsically, when I want to do so. Not looking over my shoulder, no fearing being kicked out or some arsehole sticking their oar in or being attacked. I just want to kiss my husband.

Why is that so much to ask?