Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Lost weight? If you were gay that would mean you're dying from AIDS

And while we're talking about the department of health, health minister and the NHS pushing the idea that all gay men have AIDS and only gay men have AIDS, let's look at the press who are doing the same thing

The Daily Star, home of such important news like “look at these breasts” and other vital information has decided to comment on Ricky Gervais losing so much weight

”Not being bad, but if Ricky Gervais was homosexual, you’d be wondering if he was, you know, ill. His dramatic weight loss has left him looking like a dying man.”

Have we got that people?

If a gay man loses weight, it's because he's dying (because he has AIDS. Naturally, all gay men have AIDS)

If a straight man loses weight suddenly he can't be dying (of AIDS) because he's straight! Silly people, Straight people can't get AIDS! That's a nasty homo disease.

Here is a picture of the actual column

Do I even need to comment on this? No, it's so obviously vile and offensive that no words are needed

But I will say that, yes, I do blame the blood service. They are part of this idea – they are part of the reason why straight people still think they're immune to AIDS because they're not having sex with gay men. They are part of the reason why everyone assumes AIDS is a gay only disease. And through that, yes, they feed both anti-AIDS prejudice, homophobic prejudice and straight cluelessness that costs lives.

This idea that AIDS is a gay only disease (and our blood is tainted) creates this ignorance and cannot be ignored